Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How To Raise Your Vibration Workshop Coming to St. Louis??...

Hello everybody,  it's Michelle Moceri here.

 I have blogged about this workshop before but wanted to discuss it again to see if there is any interest in having one in St. Louis this coming year.  What is great about this workshop is it is tailored to the needs of the group.  Coming to this workshop is an opportunity for you to release old patterns that keep coming up in your life, moving forward from being stuck in the past, and removing guilt and past hurts.  These are only a few topics we will discuss and work through.  If you are experiencing any of those that I just described, then I highly recommend this opportunity.

Paige Hall-Ferraro who is the founder of this workshop, and myself would come out to St. Louis to help in assisting you to move forward, so you can finally start living the life that you deserve.  We are all connected here in the universe, your story is my story, when you hurt we all hurt, when you decide to rise up and live in your truth, then that decision helps those around you.  We are part of this collective consciousness that affects all of us, so when WE start to awaken to our truth of why we are here, then we can be that beacon of light for others to raise their energy and consciousness as well.

Myself and Paige would come out for a few days to guide you on this journey, and meet you where you are at on your spiritual path.  Everyone is going at their own pace, and we fully respect that, but it's time to get moving and to start to take back your joy again and live fully in your authentic truth.  We would help you understand how to master your own energy and frequency, help you awaken your consciousness and stop living in the past, and we will talk about soul contracts we agreed to and how to clear them.  Paige and I will also talk about the importance of high vibrational eating and how that effects your journey of healing, and your personal frequency for growth. While we are at the workshop, and a loved one from the other side wants to pass along a message, then Paige or I will be happy to give to you.  Often our loved ones that have crossed over want to see us heal and move forward, so we would be happy to give you that information to assist in your healing.

Please visit our websites to get a feel of who we are and if you feel drawn to experience this workshop with us and Rose.  I feel Rose and I met for a very good reason and this is part of it.  Rose is so inspired to help those around her that are suffering too, and she thinks this workshop would be a great start for many of you and herself as well. Please let Rose or myself know if this workshop is something that would benefit you, and if you would like to attend.  Don't hesitate to pass this along if you know someone that would be interested.

I lived in O' Fallon and Chesterfield for 11 years and wouldn't mind going back for a visit of this highest good.  I send you all love and healing as you contemplate this decision to attend this workshop. I'll leave my information to get a hold of me if you have any concerns or questions.

Love and Light,


Paige Hall-Ferraro