Wednesday, May 16, 2012

That Beautiful Face

This is Shanny and Her Three Angels..
When I woke up, Jas (Shannon's husband) had posted this on FB..I love that man. He does the most thoughtful, wonderful things. Shannon told me moons ago, many things about Jason. Some of which I will share, others-I will not. She said..He is a man of honor, a man of respect. He loves his family. He loves his work and the people he works with-they are important to him. He cares-deeply. He has character and morals. And he is gosh darn cute! She really didn't have to sell me on him-I was hooked!

Back to this picture..This is my girl with three reasons she smiles, JD, Eva and Gussie. Aren't they beautiful? I could always feel their energy as a family, and still do when we are in church, but it saddens me that some of that energy is was created by their love for one another. It was the summation of a whole..the definition of 'family.'

She is one of three reasons I smile. She created in me a desire to learn. A willingness to try new things. Whether it was food, traveling or clothing styles, haircuts, color and fashion not always her strong suit-but I went along with her a lot! Her humor was contagious. I should re-define this by saying, Shannon often had my hair different colors-once she convinced me she could frost my hair, it was no big deal. I believed her..for days I looked like a dingy yellow striped skunk from the neck up! She thought it was hilarious, but I had to go to work like that until I could get it professionally corrected. I allowed her to wax my lip, my chin and my eyebrows..she would giggle and I would yelp..I was a bit hairless and she was entertained for a while..

We had some really good times. Some of those times, we really didn't talk about anything of great
significance, we just spent time together. It would have been running errands with the kids, shopping for any one of the many unnecessary items we both loved, or hanging at the house puttering around.

She knew how to make life look easy. No matter what she was up to or struggling with at the moment..Shannon could smile through the most difficult of situations for the most part. I would often call her for technical advice on the computer. I could hear her silently laughing as she instructed me
through my traumatic episode. Sometimes, we pushed each other's buttons. There were days when a phone call might not go as we expected. Once of us might say something and the other took it the wrong way..a day or so would go by and one of us would call and that would be the end of it pretty much.

Look at that beautiful face. It says so much about her. Her beautiful spirit, her love as a mother is shining in this photo. You can feel the pride she has in her family. Truly, this was her life and love..
She seemed happiest when she was busy with Jas in the kitchen, out in the yard, or hanging out as a family. That's what made Shanny beautiful from the inside out. Jason and the kids completed her
beauty from the outside in..

She accomplished much in her young 34 years and taught so much more about life than I could ever dream of..I truly was her student. She had her faults, I know but I don't need to dwell on them, they are unimportant now, just as they were when she was alive. I try to overlook every one's faults now, because really, life is too short to get stuck on the little stuff that really doesn't matter.

I like thinking about the stuff that make for good memories..the stuff that was full of smiles and laughs and kisses and hugs, and a few tears..sounds like a Hallmark card? Well, maybe, but I'll
take it! I sure do miss that beautiful face but I'm sure that is what God said for 34 years until He called her home..I bet when He saw her again He greeted her with..

'Sure did miss that beautiful face, welcome home!'