Saturday, June 30, 2012

I Am Grateful

Today, I am grateful. I am grateful that God loves me. In spite of my flaws-He loves me.
He created me in His likeness, and I have done everything I can in my life to break me, ruin me, spoil me,
tear me, hurt me, and destroy me..and yet-here I am. In all my brokenness, here I am. He gently pieces me back together, mends my rips, glues my parts, gives me warmth and light and love to grow again...

I am grateful God thinks I am important even when I don't. He can love me when I am not very lovable. He forgives my outlandish behavior and encourages me when I am at my weakest. He thinks I am special and unique and He gave me purpose. His patience gives me hope.

In the midst of my grief, He holds me and rocks me gently. He soothes my broken heart, and allows my tears to spill over and water my seeds of faith. He knows I am hurting and carefully tends to my wounds and lovingly reassures me my life will take shape once again. He encourages and reaches out but never forces or bullies me.

He knows the importance of family and friends in my life. He surrounds me with love. I am required to accept and be open to the love, but He furnishes it. Again, He will not force it on me but it is there waiting for me when I am ready to accept it's presence. Outside my pain there is a beautiful world of healing love. I only need to open my heart and accept it.

God provides. I will never stop loving Him for His mercy and His love. His patience amazes me daily. His message is clear, isn't it? He will never leave us, if we love Him and abide in Him. No matter what my grief may be like in the darkest of days, I know He is there to lift the cloud if I call to Him. I only need to remember His name-Father.

And so, today-I am grateful..He has brought me back again, from the dark. Thank you Heavenly Father. I called to you and you heard me. You know my heart is hurting. I miss my Shanny. You reminded me of many blessings this world has given me. Many smiles I have shared. Many memories that will forever linger and many words that are not yet spoken. My days are not yet finished here, my job is not complete, I have not earned the right to Heaven's door.

I am grateful You are my Father, My Savior and My Friend..I have many more memories to create with Kimberly and Tina and my eight beautiful grandchildren and my David. I have a beautiful family and friends that for whatever reason, love me. I am productive in my work and I love being in this world to praise Your Holy Name, Lord. I have much to be grateful for today and every day because I know the Power of Prayer and Faith as a Mother Grieves!