Monday, July 9, 2012

Every Heart has a Story-Please Share Yours

Today I am asking you to share this site with others. I want to read YOUR stories. I want to know how YOU remember YOUR loved ones..

PLEASE share your memories with me. Please post this URL on every page you are able and share with your family, friends, church members, work family, anyone who has a story of family, life, love and need. I will pray with you, cry with you, talk with you, and listen-together we can begin a journey of peace-finding. Prayer is powerful and can be felt by many and heard by God from these pages.

Please sign in and follow this blog, tell us your story of family and love. Share a fond memory, a need or a request for prayer. You can contact me at my personal email below or leave a comment anonymously-God answers all prayers..and He knows our names by heart.

I truly believe if we come together in prayer, our healing will begin, because we will be reaching beyond our own pain. We will reach outside of ourselves, no matter for how long, no matter how help someone else. That is what life is about, isn't it?

I do not know your faith, I do not know your name, but I do know pain. I know what it feels like to look up to the sky and ask God why? I know the feeling of  wetness on my pillow and realizing I had been crying again..I do know the catch in my throat when someone asks- how many children do you have?..and I know the pain of knowing I will never hold my daughter, Shanny again-in this life. I know that pain. And yet, I have hope. Hope of another day, another life, another place where I will see her and hold her and she will recognize me and our time apart will fade and our time together will be see, I have faith. Faith in a God who loves unconditionally and forgives with such grace and mercy, that my life for all its mistakes and errors-have been forgiven and forgotten by the Only One that matters-because He loves me..And He loves YOU!

This is the hope I want to share-the hope that matters. The hope that gives grief a meaning and a reason.

Please, open your hearts and share your story-you may touch a heart that had no hope. You may breathe life into a weary body who wants to may give them reason to remember..

We are here for a purpose, reach out and and be someones purpose. Because-if we all think about it-we know the Power of Prayer and Faith as a Mother Grieves..

Beginning today, let's come together and hold each other up in support and prayer-for each other's needs..share this site and see the Power of Prayer and Faith make a difference!

Or, my personal email is:

Rose L.