Sunday, June 24, 2012

Praying Outside My Grief

Reaching out to others brings my grief into perspective some days. Yes, I miss my Shanny. Will that change? No. Do I know she is safe in the arms of her Heavenly Father and lives in Heaven? Yes.

Today, I learned a co-worker has pancreatic cancer. She has a husband and kids and grandchildren. Very close in age, I feel her pain...and fear. I prayed for her.

I spoke with a dear friend whose child is an addict, and she is worried he might be relapsing. While she is finding strength through Al-Anon, he is fighting the addiction and hasn't taken responsibility for his choices. As a mother, she often absorbs his anger as he strikes out in pain. I prayed for both of them today.

My daughter is studying in school a subject that took the life of her sister-just last year, it is very difficult and emotional for her at this time. Because she has the will and the determination, I am praying for her to overcome the obstacle this area is presenting.

Kimmy, my middle angel-is stressed and needs relief, she is depressed and hasn't reached out for help. I am praying she sees the benefit of counseling or medical advice to meet her needs and give her peace.

Many of the moms I communicate with by email, have suffered loss and are trying to find their way-my prayer is they lean on the Holy Spirit to guide them more and themselves-less as they take this journey.

A co-worker has smoked for over 40 years and is now on oxygen. She has tried to quit smoking but is finding the habit overwhelming. I am praying for strength for her to fight this terrible habit that is robbing her of her health.

Another friend is chronically ill. She seems to fend off one illness after another. Nothing life threatening, but she often lacks energy and the will to get healthy. I am praying for renewed energy.

So often, I see illness strike young children and I cannot understand it. I have to pray for them and for understanding. I do not understand God at these times. When there are so many evil people in the world who deserve to hurt and suffer ( although, I am reminded here-that I am not to judge-lest I be judged.)

I want so much to reach outside my own grief because I know all I have to do is listen to the news and I hear of another mother who lost a daughter senselessly. Gunned down for no reason, on her own front porch. Why? There is no need to ask why-there is only a need to pray, for the mother and her family to find peace and to recognize the face of God. Somehow, some way-let His light shine through her darkness.

I can only say when I do something-anything, small as it may be, a smile, a kind word because those are prayers as well, for another lightens my burden of grief. Because, for that moment in time, I am a vessel of joy for someone else-and that feels good.

That is the Power of Prayer and Faith as this Mother Grieves!