Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lord, I am Praying for a New Heart

One that is not broken, Lord.
No, not for myself..for all those that do not know You.
When my heart breaks, I know You will mend it..
Every act of love You show me gently heals one more jagged edge.
Every time Your forgive a sin, or reckless act of selfishness, gently rubs a softer edge.
Lord, You heal.
That is why my prayer is for a New Heart..for all those that are yet unfamiliar with Your loving touch and
gentle hand.
The hearts of my family, too, Lord..some are bruised and hurting, they need tending and I know your massage will ease their pain.
Some of the little ones' hearts are shattered, Lord, they miss their momma so..only You have the power to
fill their hearts with their mother's love. My prayer is that you ease their pain with the memory of a happier time, one where they could feel the love that only a mother can give. Let them hold onto that love, Father and
carry it in their hearts forever.
There is a husband without a wife, who weeps for the comfort that only she could bring..I pray you fill his heart with comfort and you give him peace, Lord. Let the treasured moments he carries remind him of the love that created their beautiful family as he walks his journey.
Sisters whose hearts are torn by past decisions, let them move forward in Your forgiveness and love.
My heart is quick to anger, Lord. When loved ones hurt and I cannot fix it, I become anxious and frustrated. Remind me to give it to you, Lord..You are the Only One who can truly heal our wounds and our hearts.
I am only another broken heart..
but I will not cease praying because I know the power of prayer and faith as a mother grieves.