Monday, August 20, 2012

Do You Believe?

When our loved ones pass, do you believe they visit us in spirit form? Do you think they give us signs of their closeness? Please share with me your ideas on this because I am interested in learning about what others experience as well. Have you had visits from your loved ones? Do they leave signs of their having been close to you? Do they come in a specific form? Do you dream of them often? Do you believe in the the  afterlife and spiritual communication through mediums? Do you think they are evil?

Since I have lost my daughter, Shanny I have noticed that hummingbirds have a new meaning for me. I believe when I see a hummingbird, she is close by. I also believe, that I have seen her orb on photos taken on her birthday at the party we had in her honor last year. It was as if she was in attendance. Yes, I believe. I do not think God would call me a sinner, I think God allows our loved ones to visit us, in spirit to comfort and bring us light and love as a means of encouragement and acknowledgement that they have reached heaven and are with the Heavenly Father.

I am not sure what the Bible states about the actual word Medium, but I do not think it looks favorably on the use of Mediums. I have spoken with some women and men who in no way negate the Bible or God or devalue the Church in any way, they simply believe in the communication between the spirit of the deceased and the living. Do I think it is impossible? No. I believe in life after death, therefore I believe it is possible.

Have you had an experience with a Medium? Do you believe there are people who can communicate with the spirits of the deceased? Why do you believe that way? Many counselors, some grief counselors will inquire as to the consideration of consulting a Medium when a client is 'stuck' in part of the grief process and can't seem to move forward. Have any of you experienced this?

Have you done spiritual writing? I often journal, but I do talk with Shanny, too. Does that sound crazy? I ask her how to handle situations with Jas and the kids. I ask her about computer problems, and relationship problems, just like she was here with me. I might be recalling how she would have responded when she was here, but it still comforts me. Sometimes, I write letters to her, but mostly, I just talk to her. Right now, I am facing becoming comfortable in the realization of Shannon's death. I am beginning to forgive myself for the wrong I had done her when she was alive. I have long since forgiven her for any hurt she brought me, but I have been holding onto my pain. It is part of not forgetting. But I am realizing, I will never forget, nor will anyone else. Shannon made a huge difference in people's lives. She left a mark on many hearts. No one will forget the difference she made in this world. Her memory will live on in the hearts of those that knew her and loved her. When we move into real life again, with our own families, we are not forgetting, we are doing what God calls us to do. We are trusting and believing in His word and in Him and His strength and wisdom. We are saying, yes Lord-Your will be done. I may not understand, but I don't have to, I walk in faith, not in sight.

So, if believing includes talking to Shanny from my heart, or seeing a hummingbird and recalling a sweet memory, or talking with someone who can possibly help me make some sense of my craziness, then that is what I will do.Then, I believe. Nothing will change my love for the one true God. He who created me, who died for me, and who saved me. I will pray and pray some more, for direction, for healing and for strength, because I know the power of prayer and faith as a mother grieves.