Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Miracle on My Street

Christmas Day! The Christ Child is born. And the celebration begins-for some. I awaken and open my eyes to a new day of hope. I believe in prayer and the power of faith. I believe that God will reclaim the world and the evil that reigns will no longer have a hold on this world. The senseless killings will stop, the hatred will cease, the wars and the famine and the suffering will come to an end. When the birth of Christ is not only celebrated but when He returns and  re-claims His world. Until then I pray for a miracle.

Today, I spent Christmas Day with my girls-hugging and kissing and singing carols and retelling stories from their childhood days. And visiting the grave of their sister, and kissing her headstone and stroking the greens and smelling the pines on her grave and washing the florals with my tears. And dreaming of a miracle.

I prayed for the babies of Newtown and their families. I envisioned Shannon comforting all the little ones in Heaven and wiping their sad little faces and cuddling them close, their soft little bodies, small and frail. While their moms and dads still walked in numbness and that same fog I remember being wrapped in when Shannon died not so long ago. And what of their siblings? Lost and sad, brother or sister-gone and mom and dad too devastated to really notice what day this is and so what if this is the day of Jesus' birth? I don't much feel like a party much less a miracle.

So, where are you now? All you who talk of this loving Father who knows me and will care for me and my family? What about my broken brother or sister who died at the hands of a madman? Where is your God now? Where is your miracle now?

This is Christmas-the birth of the Christ, the Savior. Please help me understand because I am hurting and doubting and broken. How is this day going to be different from any other day? I saw so many stones, so many tears. So many hearts that had been torn apart. How can this one Child heal so many? I want to believe, but do I dare?

Heavenly Father, we need You like we have never needed You before. Our world is shattered and splintered by misunderstandings and lies. Please bless us with a miracle, Father-a Miracle of Love. Block by block, street by street, help us rebuild our fragile neighborhoods and cities, until we are all one again. Let us be the Miracle, Lord.

Until then, I will pray-because I know the power of prayer and faith...