Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ways to remember and Heal over the Holidays

   As the holiday season is upon us, Rose asked me to share some ways, and a personal story, that may be helpful for those that are grieving the lost of a loved one.  Holiday time, birthday’s, anniversary’s can be a time of sadness, but can also be a time of celebration of life and knowing our loved ones never really leave us, they have just changed energy form.

   As I close my eyes and ask for guidance for this bog, spirit is showing me people visiting gravesites.  Their message for you is that your loved one is always with you.  They understand the need to go to the place where the remains are buried, but please know, they are only a thought away and will be right there by your side no matter where you are.  They are saying holding a favorite item, or picture might serve you better than going to the gravesite.  In most people’s minds, death is the end and grave markers put that symbolism in our head.  They want you to move beyond thinking they are permanently gone.

   Those in spirit love to leave signs that they are around.  It may be their favorite song comes on the radio at the same moment you are thinking about them.  I have seen a lot of symbolism from spirit with butterflies, birds, and ladybugs.  All of these creatures can fly and some have changed form, exactly what your loved ones are doing now.  Many times spirit uses children and animals to send a message to you.  How many times have you been really missing a loved one, and then in that moment a child says something to make you smile.  Animals are very intuitive as well, and can actually see your loved one.  I have heard, on many occasions, that animals have gotten many people through the grieving process, and many times, your loved one had sent them to you. 

   I want to share a personal story about my grandmother.  She died at the early age of 67. We were close and had many great memories together, especially in the kitchen cooking and her helping me to sew.  So now, every time I’m in my kitchen, I feel her there with me.  Sometimes I smell her and other times I just feel her. It’s our special time together, still.  It brings me joy and peace knowing she is fine and is still enjoying spending time with me in the kitchen.  Remember, it just takes a thought to bring them close to you.

   The grieving process is a process of steps to reach pure joy again.  Never judge yourself on how many steps you should be taking and don’t let others push you forward or backwards if you are not ready.  Know that your loved ones on the other side want nothing but to see you experience life to the fullest.  It raises your energy and their energy as well.   You are a unique, divine, and have your own soul path to travel.  Their advice to you is always find the light, even on the darkest of days.  Know that you are a cherished and loved here on earth and on the other side.

   As you remember your loved ones this time of year, know that they are happy, healing, and always with you.  I just got flooded with images of them being at parties, laying next to you in bed, reading to children, and holding you when you cry.  My wish for you this holiday season is to feel joy and give joy.  As you celebrate with family, leave a few extra chairs out, your loved ones on the other side love to feel welcome and remembered.

Sending you love and healing,
Michelle Moceri