Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Calling All Moms!!

Today is a prayer day for all the moms in pain. I know you are out there because I speak with you every day. Either on the phone, through this blog or in an email. Our circumstances may be different, but our hearts are hurting the same.

I want to take a moment and focus on the joy of this day, and not the pain. I know this will be a special day, no matter what, but for some, it will be an extraordinary day. This day will have held the greatest blessing of all-the birth of our baby. Look back on that time.

Immerse yourself in that memory. Gently allow yourself to remember the excitement and the joy of your child's birth. The very moment you saw your baby's face. What do you see, sheer beauty, a miracle? Hold onto this moment, this feeling, this treasure. Feel the tiny heartbeat-your miracle. Your gift from God.

Take in the smells, too. All babies smell wonderful-their skin, their hair. Now touch their soft little body. Cradle your baby and feel their tiny little body mold with yours. This is the most precious gift life offers-caring for another life, no matter how we are chosen.

I think back and remember how perfect Shannon looked to me. Her little head was shaped just so, and she had blond hair and her blue, blue eyes. She smelled luscious and she fit perfectly in my arms. I was convinced God measured every baby to fit in the arms of their mother, and somehow-they would never outgrow their mother's arms-no matter how far we'd have to reach to get to them. Room to room in the house, a few blocks to school, a few states away to college, or all the way to Heaven..they never outgrow our arms.

So, let us celebrate our children while we have them. On their birthdays, and every day-because life is just that precious. And when God calls them home-let us celebrate those occasions with the memories the beauty of those days meant for us. The first year, their birth year-and every year after that, came a new memory of the year before-treasure each and every one-they are all special..

And always, remember to pray-because we know the power of prayer and faith as a mother grieves!
Blessings and love today and every day..