Monday, March 4, 2013

Write Your Own Words

Every song that has words might mean something  different to every person-write your own words.
You may hear the same music-but you can change the beat, do what works for you.
If you are feeling like you want to use big words today-use them-surprise yourself with a new word, or make up your own.
Some days, silence will be your best friend-words will not matter or add benefit to the day-accept the silence, and close your eyes to the rest of the world's chatter.
Sometimes, talking doesn't make sense-it only fills lines on a page, dead air on a telephone, or uneasiness in a casual conversation-take the moment and live in it. No one says you have to share your silence.
If the words get stuck between your brain and your heart-wait until they work themselves out, don't force a way when there isn't one.
I am a big believer in self. God gave us our 'self' for a reason. He wants us to be the best one and only we can be. He created us all equal, true-but not all exactly alike. Embrace your unique qualities and let them shine!
Even in grief-our story has a life, and our life has a story. The chapters may change, have a different outcome, or you might pause your story for a time. Keep your words flowing, even if you only say them to yourself. Don't shut out the world and don't shut out God. You might fold the page over, mark the page with a flower, but never close the book for good.
In remembering those we love, we respect their life. We share what they meant to this world by telling their story. Our words give life to their memory and they are alive once again through us. When we pass along a memory of an accomplishment, a funny tale, or a special moment, our hearts beat their love language. We are sharing them in this life by bringing their memory into focus. It is as if a letter or page from a story takes on the life of the words.
For a few minutes, Shanny lives with us, in more than spirit. She comes to life through memories that we share. Sometimes, they make us smile, or cry or just remember a bittersweet recalling of a day gone by. And then, all too soon-the words are only words again.
Grief can allow us joy some days. As long as we continue to look at the world around us and remember death is not final. It is merely a beginning of a new existence, of eternal love and life. So, when you write your  story, your words should never include-"the end". This is just a preview of eternity. Make your words count, choose them wisely, because you are writing your story, ask God to critique your work, and you are assured of a bestseller!

And always, I will pray, because I know the power of prayer and faith as a mother grieves!