Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Because He Lives..

What a powerful message Easter brings us! It is a message of hope and promise fulfilled. I went to church today, saddened by heartache-I miss my Shanny. I left church with the hope of seeing her again! I know this is true, my faith is alive, I just needed to be reminded. Because He lives-

I will see my sweet daughter again. I will hold her and kiss her and hug her and tell her how much I love her. I will know her smile and her touch and I will make memories anew. Because He lives-

There will be blossoms of yellow and pink that burst from the ground and birds will sing and the earth will come back to life again-Because He lives-

I will be given another season of life to grow and change and share His message of hope and renewal with others. To lift up His promise and to heal  another heart with His words of encouragement and life to come. I know He does not fail. My Shanny lives in another place called Heaven, and her spirit continues to touch the lives of her loved ones. God is good. This life is just a visiting place, it is not our home. Because He lives-

So, when sadness tries to reign over your heart, don't let it. We know the truth, Because He lives-

I am Blessed to be sharing this message with all of you. Each of us must travel the path of grief. Our loss is our own to bear, but we can share the pain and lift each other up in prayer and hope. This season reminds us there is no greater plan than His. We will know joy again, Because He lives-

Do not grow weary or tired. Let your hearts rest assured. Your loved ones are safe in their Heavenly home and are watching over us as we grow stronger every day through faith and prayer, Because He lives-

Just as you are and I am, He is. Believe and your faith will make your journey more tolerable. You will find peace along the way. Joy is in your heart, unleash it once again to the world and know His promises, Because He lives-

First He had to die, and that is done. His Father wept in sorrow and pain, just as we do for our babies. He knew His Son would be called to death and He did not stop it, because He loved us so very much, He gave His Son to save us. Who are we to deny Him our love? He overcame death and we are saved-

Because He Lives!

Thank you, Father, for the Power of Prayer and Faith as a Mother Grieves.