Sunday, April 14, 2013

How Awesome Is It?

When you feel the arms of a child around your neck? And their sweet breath on your cheek..
When you walk with them in the park and you observe them from behind as they explore their surroundings and find treasures along the way?
When you see them for the first time and you realize who they look like in the family? And months later, you look again, and they have changed, oh-how they have changed. Time is so fast, we don't realize we are changing moment to moment and so are they.
How awesome is it, to see flowers that were once dead in the ground, blossom and grow, bloom in what seems like a day? From out of the ground a thing of beauty bursts..
When you hold the hand of a loved one and immediately feel comfort, warmth and love? And you realize what LOVE feels like at that moment..
When your pet greets you when you get home with their warm eyes and wagging tail. Just a bundle of unconditional love, and you are the receiver of that awesome is it?
When you look at your spouse and can't help smiling. Even after many years of marriage, there is still magic in your hearts that only the two of you share..
When you look up and see the Face of an Angel in the clouds, because you believe-and it doesn't matter if anyone else sees it or not, how awesome is it?
When you go to church and you are welcomed by your family, sometimes by some who may not know you personally, but they open their arms and bring you in for a hug, because they care..
When you smile at a total stranger, and they smile back..
When you work out at the gym and you are exhausted, but you do two more pull-ups-because you have the strength..
When the neighbors are the first ones to call out and wave, doesn't it feel good some days to be on the receiving end of the wave?
When you recognize a blessing at the exact moment it happens, and you look up to God and smile-and say, I know that was You, thank You..
When you feel so good, the smile on the inside just pops out, you can't stop it and you can't hold it back, it doesn't matter where you are, you just smile, because God is good.
When something you have been praying for is answered, that feeling of restlessness is relieved, your prayer has been answered and you share the news, because you know the Truth..
When even in grief, you turn to God because He is your comfort and your strength. You know you can turn to Him with all things and He will give you awesome is it?
When you see someone on the street and ask how they are, you stop and engage and maybe pray with them..
When you know-you absolutely know, there is life after death, and you will see your loved again. When you experience the touch of the Holy Spirit and the love of the Lord, and you can't help but share it with others.
When the Angels visit and bring you such beautiful visions, when you open your heart to receive them, when you seek to learn and you listen with your heart, when you blow kisses to Heaven, because you know, your child will receive them, God is just that good! How awesome is it?
When you know that this world is not your home, we are just visiting, and we will join our loved ones, when our time comes. We will know them and they will know us, and will rejoice in the favor of the Lord. 
When, even in the midst of our grief, God gives us joy. He gives us memories to hold, moments to share, and  loved ones around to hold us up. And when we become stronger, we then, can reach past our pain and help someone in the midst of theirs. How awesome is it? 
So, pray to find the awesomeness in each day. Even in your grief, you will find it. In the kiss of a child, the hand of a loved one, the word of a treasured friend, or the smile of a total stranger, how awesome is it?
I will keep praying because I know the power of prayer and faith as a mother grieves.
Blessings and more...