Saturday, April 13, 2013

We Did It!

Last night I saw my youngest walk across a stage for her LPN graduation. It was uplifting, it was fulfilling, it was joyful. And, it was a little sad. 

Shanny, wasn't there to share in our joy. To see her smile from ear to ear. To feel her heart beat wildly with excitement. To watch her as she hugged each and every one of her nieces, nephews, her aunt and uncle, father in law, her brothers in law, her sister in law, both her moms, her husband and her sister, friends, teachers..

And yet, I have this feeling. Some of you may not yet know signs of loved ones presence. I know these signs and cherish each and every one. I also believe strongly in Angels and the Good Lord who knows our struggles and our pain. He doesn't want that for us, and He gives us joy if we know how to accept it during our grief.

I believe Shanny was with us, in spirit. She saw her sister cross that stage and she cheered her on the same as I did. She even sent me a hug for good measure. You might ask if I have been taking my meds as the doctor prescribed, or am I drinking too much happy juice..the answer is yes, I take my meds and no, to the juice question. What I do know is this..

Shannon has not left us, she has just gone on to another part of our journey. She is in Heaven, celebrating and watching over us. She joins us at family gatherings, at church, shopping and in our sleep. If we believe in Angels, truly believe-then, we know this to be true.

I have to remind myself some days. This is not my home. This is just a resting place. Earth is not meant to be our forever home, Heaven is. And when I forget that, I become sad. It is only when I choose to remember the truth-that my joy can find me again.

Look to God for the answers. I know some of the answers are not the ones we want. Some are not given to us in a timely manner, at least not in our timely manner. As we all know, our answers really come when we need them most, and when we are to gain the most and learn the most from receiving the answer to a question or situation.

So, when you see a penny, a feather, or whatever your sign is..mine is a hummingbird, know your loved one is near. Last night, as we cheered and shouted for Tina as she crossed that stage, Shanny was there with us, shouting and cheering and throwing kisses to her little sister, giving her the thumbs up, Big T!! You did it!! sign..

So, when they say it takes a village to raise a child-we did it. From Heaven and earth, we sure did..
And you can bet I will remember to pray, because I know the power of prayer and faith as a mother grieves.

God blesses every day, if we just open our eyes and our hearts. Love and Blessings!