Sunday, July 28, 2013

Are You Ready?

I just came back from a wonderful week of relaxing and reflection. I do a lot of that while I am on the beach. The sun and the water and the beautiful cloud formations-everything adds to the beauty, piece by perfect piece. Even the rain, that touched our skin each day. It gave us a much needed break from the heat and the sun. Harmony is so amazing. And I did nothing but enjoy the gift God blessed me with each day.

Then, I got to thinking, am I ready? Ready for what will come next in this life. Whatever that may be. Am I prepared to think less of myself and more of someone else and their needs? God has richly blessed me. Even in my grief, God has shown me His love and compassion and yes, His joy-He has shared with me time and time again.

I have been challenged and then I began to see it as blessed with the opportunity, to share with others-what this world has shared with me. All of it. Some of it is not pretty, some of it is not happy. And some of it causes me pain, when I speak of it, but all of it together-is my journey. God's hand has always been on my shoulder. I have chosen to brush it off on some occasions, but He has never withdrawn from me.

When I reached out, shaking and sobbing-He comforted me. When I cried out for His help, He took me in His arms and soothed my cries of suffering and pain. He reached inside me and calmed my fears and my angst and He gave me a love, I cannot explain. He knows me as His child, all of me. My past has been forgiven and my future has been planned. I am His child, and He is my Father. He holds my precious daughter in His arms and sings the lullaby that is deep inside my heart. He knows the melody and the words, and when He touches her, I feel it. I am so blessed, to know she is safe in a Home I can only imagine.

And His promise is before me-I will hold my baby again, some day. What greater gift could He give a grieving mother? No man could promise me that, religion does not matter, your heart is what matters. Your relationship with God matters. He is my Great Healer, He is sufficient and all that I need until the day I am called Home.

Until that day, I will share my joy of knowing Him and the joy He has blessed me with in this world. So, I only have one question-are you ready?

And always, I will continue to pray-because I know the power of prayer and faith as a mother grieves, and now, as a mother heals.