Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The 10 Minute Challenge

Greetings everyone, Michelle here.

As we are in the midst of summer time, it's a great time to take some special time each day for yourself. Even if it's only for 10 minutes to check in mentally and physically to connect with your body and spirit. I know when a lot of you hear the word "meditation", you automatically think of a Buddhist Monk high on a hill sitting in the lotus position for hours.  Or you shoot down the idea because you can't make the time and what I hear a lot is "I can't quiet all the noise in my head."  Well, it is doable, and  necessary to reduce your stress levels and to get to know yourself and your body better. It is also a gateway to connect with your higher self and your spirit guides  So, I challenge you my brothers and sisters to make a commitment of 10 minutes a day to meditate.  I'll give you some helpful hints and a visualization that is helpful.

Meditation is different than prayer.  Meditation is an opportunity to listen to God, spirit guides, loved ones and angels. When you meditate you open up a gateway and you give permission to receive advice and loving messages from the Divine. Prayer is similar, but it's more about you asking and hoping for yourself and others.  Meditation is about connecting with your soul and stilling your mind to receive messages and guidance.  When I meditate, I do both. I start off by praying and giving gratitude, then I go into meditation.  You may want to try this so it's an easier transition to get into the mind set of meditation.

Breathing is key to quite your mind.  So start by finding a comfortable chair or a place on the floor.  Taking some deep breaths in through your nose and out though your mouth.  Do this until you feel relaxed, then maintain a normal breathing rhythm.  If at any time your mind starts to wonder, go back to your breathing and continue with your visualization.

When you visualize, take your mind to a peaceful place and this helps you to get into stillness. For 10 minutes I want you to visualize yourself sitting in nature, taking in your surroundings.  Then I want you to imagine a ball of energy above your head. Whatever that looks like to you, it can be a ball of light, a beam of light, or maybe swirling colors of high vibrational energy, get creative with it.  Remembering to take some deeps breaths along the way, imagine this energy moving down into the top of your head, moving its way down slowly the length of your body relaxing your muscles and bringing Divine energy filled with love all through your body and aura.  When you are done, ask your angels or whom ever you wish for protection and guidance on this day. Imagine a white bubble around you for protection from anything negative and then go about your day feeling lighter and protected.

You can do this!!!! You will be amazed with how you feel and how much smoother your day will go. There are always loved ones and high vibrational beings to guide us throughout our day. Take the time to connect to them and to nourish your self to be the best you can be.  We are called to be of service to help others and ourselves, so start by putting in your 10 minutes and then if you feel guided tell someone else about it.

Please share your experiences and how it shifts your whole day for the better! If you find a different method of mediation that worked for you please share! We're all in this together in love and light and to lift one another up.

Michelle Moceri