Monday, July 8, 2013

On the Subject of Birds

The same birds have continued to care for their babies tirelessly. It seems almost uncanny, that when my husband and I are out on the patio for coffee or enjoying a cold beverage, you can always hear them singing or bird- chatting to one another.

There are several different families of birds in our yard this year. The wrens seem to have the robins outnumbered though. One baby ventured out of the bushes and got as far as the wood pile but couldn't make it back to the bushes. Cutest little critter I've seen. It hopped and fluffed itself up, flew a few inches and walked a few, but could not get back to its nest in the bushes. It finally decided it would just climb on top of the wood pile and cry. It peeped and peeped a good long while, walked down the wood and found its way to the middle of the yard. David shooed it back to the pile fearing it would meet its fate if it made its way to the alley. He even went inside and brought it out some feed and water. Poor baby wasn't having any of it. Just wanted its mommy.

Before long, I knew David would give in and give me the ole' heave ho, in lieu of mommy bird claiming her own. I was really interested in knowing and seeing how she was going to manage getting the baby back into the nest. We both gingerly left our seats and creeped inside peeking out the window for a spell. Peeping continued for a while and nothing seemed to happen and I swear I only turned my back for a minute.

I ran inside to grab some tea and when I came back I noticed it was quiet-too quiet. Apparently, momma had made her appearance and swooped in to rescue her chick. Amazing! How anyone can possibly think we are smarter than them..

What is it really? Conditioning? Do birds just have us figured out?  I mean how in the world did momma know when to swoop in? How did she know I wasn't coming back out? How comical it must have looked. There I sat waiting for a scene to transpire and all the while momma bird knew she wasn't going to do anything until I left. She some how had figured out we weren't a threat to her chick.

Sometimes, I am totally blown away by simple behaviors. People don't always have the sense that God gives them, but birds-they can outsmart us!

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