Monday, August 19, 2013

So, This is Faith!

Have you ever wondered what Faith looked like? I can honestly tell you-I have. I can sometimes describe it. I can put a feeling to it some days, but I don't know if I could tell you what it looks like. The best I can do is share some instances when my Faith has pulled me through, maybe that will help put a face to it.

Some days I wake up saddened by waking up. Does that make sense? Dreaming can be a beautiful thing. But it is not our reality at this time. In order for me to breathe deeply and forge on through life, my Faith must take the lead and guide me through the darkness and the murky waters. My trust in God is my helping hand and my light in the darkest of hours, that eases my fear and calms my nerves. That is Faith.

If I am facing a difficult test of some sort, whether it be at work, or a health issue; it doesn't matter what part of my life it touches, I reach out to God and pray for peace and direction and know that it will be there without question. Whatever answer I receive is the answer that is meant for me, that is Faith.

When my girls are challenged within their family life or daily struggle, I ask God to give me strength not to interfere and to guide them in the direction of His will, and I know it will be done-that is Faith.

Emotions are running high, feelings are directing my actions and I am lost in the world of being a mother. But am I relying on my self or my Faith? I am acting on my emotions and that means I am relying on my self rather than reaching out to God for truth. In order to find real answers we must strip away all feeling and only see reality. Sometimes, that is so difficult-I find it almost impossible. When I can hand it to God, that is Faith.

I close my eyes and take a step forward. Total darkness surrounds me but I am assured of the light, my heart moves me closer to God, that is Faith.

Fearing an outcome of a situation, I turn to God in a frenzy. I beg for relief and answers. Then, I realize-I don't need to know the-why of a situation, I only need to know that God IS the answer to whatever is causing me fear and anxiety. That is Faith.

Knowing you already have the answer within-that is Faith.

Deciding you can launch a whole new career because God is nudging you to do that, is Faith.

Feeling sure of an outcome, when the question hasn't even been asked-is Faith.

Being so certain of your one truth, that you do not lose sleep at night-is Faith.

Coming to a crossroads and not speculating on a direction, but knowing instinctively which way to go and following that lead-is Faith.

Having a calmness deep within your soul and knowing a peacefulness that surpasses any high that any drug can produce-that is Faith.

Knowing God's love in all situations, good and bad, happy and sad, joyful and devastating and clinging on to His Word as your Hope for a brighter day to come-that is Faith.

Waking up to a promise instead of a dream, that is real Faith.