Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Children Teach

It is always amazing to me when I listen to children how much I learn. Their innocence and purity provide the best in spiritual fervor. During our PSR class, I was asked to read the Gospel and enact the story of Lazarus and the rich man. We gathered around our feast table and visited with friends, and one by one we spoke of what we were eating at our feast: mac n cheese, hamburgers, pizza, cotton candy, nerds, french fries and it was a rowdy feast to be sure! We were drinking sweet tea and milk and soda with crazy straws and in came Lazarus.

The children became Lazarus in an instant. Huddled in a ball, begging for help from weariness and hunger. Pain wracking his weakened body, but the rich man knew him not. All at once, I had fourteen very small rich men dying at my feet, but not entering the gates of Heaven. They were begging for a simple drink of water, from guess who? They all knew the answer-Lazarus, they shouted! But, where was Lazarus? In Heaven, they said, as if the answer could be no easier than that. Abraham, answered the rich man's request-it is too late to be a friend to Lazarus now. You had your chance.

The kiddos readily adapted a bible story to today's world and began to give ideas of how they could share their worldly goods with others. Their toys, their clothes, food  for the food drive, even their time. They seemed to understand the concept of being a good friend and neighbor now, equates to Heaven later.

Life explained by the children always makes more sense to me. Why do we grown-ups always cloud it up with hatred, bigotry and racism.  Judging others? That is God's job. Our job is to do what the bible says-end of story. It's just that simple. Listen, as the children teach.