Saturday, October 5, 2013

All God's People

As I read the headlines, I sit in disbelief. Such political unrest, chaos in our own government and murder in our streets. My heart is so heavy, I begin to pray and then weep. There are so many who do not have God in their lives-any God. No matter what you call Him, to many people He or She does not exist. Where is their hope?

Hear me out-what if God (your God, my God-for the sake of saving argument, let's call Him Our God), created all of us differently, for a reason. It takes so many threads to weave a blanket, and so many drops to fill an ocean-wouldn't you agree, that it would take many different peoples to complete a world?

And along with different people, God gave us different languages, cultures, abilities and gifts. He gave us our own personalities to develop, minds to fill and educate, smiles to bring joy to one another. God even created as many ways for people to find Him.We boxed them up and called them religions. So, if God in all His wisdom-created all these tools for us to use to find Him in our daily walk on earth, why have we twisted ourselves into knots fighting over who is better, who should rule what lands, who's God is bigger and stronger? I do not not believe God intended us to use His precious gifts to wage war on one another, He created each of us in His likeness, to honor Him and to share in His world and then the next for all eternity. Who are we to judge His people, His paths to find Him-pure paths, not our versions, or His languages and God given gifts?

I believe we are all God's people, He is patient and loving, but I do not think His immense tolerance should ever be mistaken for weakness. One day, He will come again to reclaim what is His, we do not know if He will come as Jew or Gentile, White or Black, Rich or Poor, but He will come. Shouldn't we be getting along by then? Does it really matter what color, or race? We are all God's people-and I believe His one everlasting commandment will always be to Love One Another.