Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Best Medicine

You know what cures a heavy heart?  Time.. and grandchildren. Today I was sad when I woke up. I thought about this day last year, the newness of being without Shanny, the rawness of the pain. The lack of understanding I had for what was happening around me and the fact that I really didn't care. This year-I cared, I just couldn't muster up the energy to drive away the sadness. And then, God spoke to my heart..
This is a new day, breathe in the beauty of this moment. Look to the blue sky and feel the cold air on your cheeks and the warmth of the sun in the winter breeze. Know My power and My strength, but also know My love..

After my first cup of coffee, I set about my plans for the day. Run to the bank-check. Make a Target run for the movie I wanted-check. Make sure I touched base with Jas and had the time right for sitting-check.  Phone rings..slight change in plans. Basketball game at 5 p.m. -check. Pick up kids and take them to T's for movie and pizza-check. Run to Kim's and pick up the other little blessings to join in the fun-check. Pick up pizza and drinks-check. Let the fun begin-check!

My day had taken a change because my focus was on the present-what was happening right now-I had my daughter Tina, my son (in law) Jake and six of my eight grand blessings plus Matt, an added blessing for a night of pizza, a movie, laughter and love. This is the best medicine for a malady commonly referred to as "the blues." The joyful noise..and I do mean joyful noise those kids were making was deafening at times, but it managed to warm my heart, raise the roof and put a smile on my face. Watching them giggle, and play and be silly was absolutely wonderful. We managed to tear up a couple of pizzas, put away a 1/2 gallon of Hawaiian Punch and get in a movie,too!

I was blessed because I had been given the opportunity to share the evening with my favorite little people. I am learning that getting to know my grandchildren is a blessing, not a chore. There was a time not too long ago when I would have been too busy or too tired to take on the kids and pizza and a movie. I know other grandparents did it, but I didn't. I was self-absorbed, selfish..not in the right place-whatever you want to call it-I rarely babysat, and definitely not six at once. Boy, did I miss out on a lot of fun! I am sad that Shanny did not get to see me being a real MeeMaw, that's really something that meant a lot to Shannon. She strongly believed in that bond of grandparents and grandchildren. My daughter was a very smart woman. I could sit here and 'if only' all day but that
won't change my yesterdays. I do have the chance to change today and if I am blessed, make tomorrow better..because my God loves me, flaws and all, even if I am a slow learner..He gets me.

I am learning and that's what matters-lean on Him, learn every day-something, no matter how small, and know that the saying-"Time Heals", has its merits.

Oh, yes-one more thing, remember-laughter, grandchildren and love- really are the best medicine!