Thursday, February 23, 2012

Heavenly Nudges

I'm pretty sure we all have them. I remember hearing my mom and aunts when I was a little girl talking about loved ones who had passed on, watching over us. Then, when I got older I remember things like my sisters driving around looking for a parking place and all of a sudden one would appear out of nowhere for them...that's a heavenly nudge. Having someone we love watch over us gives us comfort, and if they help us out a little during the day, that's an added smile!

I know since Shanny has passed many times I have looked upward and said..thank you. Usually, it is pertaining to the computer at the time. Shanny and I had a special connection when it came to the computer. She got it-I didn't. She found that rather humorous. That is why this is such a great experience for me. I couldn't have told you what the 'apple' was for on a computer much less how or what a 'blog' was going to do for me. Talk about your Heavenly Nudges..

I can tell you about a few times that I have been in search of something and for the longest time could not find it and all of a sudden-there it was. Recently, I was shopping with Tina for a new pair of pants for her. She had to go on an interview and I wanted her to feel really good and comfortable. We had been shopping for at least 45 minutes, scouring the racks over and over. She found a pair and tried them on and decided she needed a different size. Back to the racks we went in search of that pair of pants. After another 30 minutes, and about fifteen racks later I decided I would check one last place. There they were, the only pair of pants in the whole store that Tina actually felt just right wearing, in her size in the wrong place, at the right time! That is a Heavenly Nudge.

I remember shopping for my wedding dress when Shanny was here. My girls and I ran everywhere looking for just the right dress. We had a lot of laughs, at my expense as they had me try on some really hideous dresses but it was so much fun. Shannon had dresses draped across her shoulders around her neck and over her arms. Tina took a different approach to shopping by actually searching the racks for a suitable dress, but we really had a fun day. The kicker was the dress I ended up with was one of the dresses Shanny found on a clearance rack! We all had a good laugh.

Usually, I am running crazy looking for my clothes for work in the morning. I have tried to put an outfit together the night before and sometimes that works, but on occasion, I'll wake up and it just doesn't bode well that morning. I will have a pair of pants in one hand and go in search of a particular top-closet, drawers, extra bedroom closet, downstairs wash area..I'm fixated on this one top, of course, by now, I've seen dozens of other tops that would be fine, but I want the one that I have in mind that I cannot find...I give up. I have another cup of coffee and try again. Then, I look in the exact same place I looked the first time-and there it is-right in front of my eyes-as if it had been found and put there..a Heavenly Nudge? I like to think so.

I can't tell you how many times I have put my tax information or a bill in one place and discovered it wasn't where I know I put it..but after hours of searching the house from top to bottom, I will find it in a very conspicuous place, (I could almost hear a giggle)..because I did this a lot when the girls were young. They teased me about getting "old-timers" because I was so forgetful.

Have you had many experiences like this? When you can almost feel a loved one watching over you? Guiding you? It is such a comforting feeling to me, to feel their closeness, their love..that sweet
Heavenly Nudge!