Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Child's Play

I was thrilled after church when my grandson of four said..I want to go with MeeMaw. You see, since Momma died, he hasn't left daddy's side for long. Usually, he refuses my invitations to play but today he was asking to come with me!
Church had it's rough moments for the kids. Children's Liturgy keeps them busy but it seems as though the minute we are back in the pew, their little minds just wander. Gus usually wants whatever he isn't supposed to have at the moment and gets progressively louder if you refuse to give it to him. Jas somehow manages to maintain his cool and get through the last blessing and we are out the door!

Today, was no different except today I had prayed for direction. I was happy to be at church actually. I had called Jas earlier and was going to beg off service, I had a sinus headache and wasn't feeling well, but I could hear Evie on the phone and when Jas said, we're going, MeeMaw, are you?  I heard Evie in the background when I said yes, I'll be there-whoop and yeah! That made my heart so happy..I didn't care what was hurting, I was going to church with a happy heart!
I always arrive about 15 minutes before Mass starts, I like the quiet. I like to talk to God freely, just me and Him, one on one. I really like my "me" time with Him. Sunday I asked Him if He could guide me to do His will with the kiddos. I am not exactly, grandmotherly, all the time. I don't always relate too well in certain situations and I admit I don't have all the answers as to how to handle kids nowadays. I respect Jason so much, I would never do anything without asking him first anyway. I just feel like I am not always much in the way of help or guidance for him, not that he needs it. Anyway, I prayed that God would direct me to help Jas with the kids more. Give him some relief, and at the same time reach the kids so they would be more comfortable with me. I love them all so much, I just don't always know exactly how to show it. Is Our Father not an Awesome God? I gave Him my concerns, and He knew my heart, and gave me the opportunity to spend time with little Gus. It just doesn't get better, and yet it did!

After I got Gus' things from the car, car seat, cup, blanket-check! Off we went on our adventure..first words from Gus-"MeeMaw, do you have an X-Box 360?" I thought I might be in trouble for a minute..

"No, Gus.."
"Do you have other games?"
" What kind of games?"
" For a 'puter?"
" I have a computer, Gus."
" But do you have a 'puter like my dad lets me play?"
" No, Gus..I don't have that kind."
" Well, do you have any kid games? "
"Gus, we will have to use our imagination."
" MeeMaw, is PaPa home?"
 This is the part where I usually get my feelings hurt. Every time I am with the little critters, they always ask where their PaPa is. Now, mind you, I am the one that usually takes them to the movies, or babysits, or takes crafts to their house, or pizza and a movie..still, is PaPa home...I just don't get it.

We burst into the house and Gus went in search of his PaPa. Sierra, our 95 lb. puppy greeted him with lots of wet kisses first. PaPa heard the commotion and came out of the back room, where I know he was watching golf, even though he told me he was busy making plans on how to clean out the garage and basement in the Spring. As soon as Gus saw him, the smile lit up his face. And Gus was happy, too! Gussie announced he was hungry and PaPa promised to make him a sandwich after we went next door to visit Aunt T-T and Olivia. Once next door, Gus found Olivia's toys a little more entertaining than our house. But Olivia wasn't really in the mood to share. Being not quite two, the concept of sharing is still new and within minutes Gus announced-MeeMaw,can we go back to your house? So much for Weebles and the new Tree house!

As soon as we got in the house, Gus decided we should play tents and hide and seek. This is a game where you stuff a 56 year young woman under a blanket, two feet off the floor and repeatedly tell her to pull in her feet, because they are stickin' outta the tent! The tent being a cherished blankie of Momma's draped over the arm of the couch, the chair arm and the ottoman. Now, PaPa had to "find" us hiding several times..and after I took my turn at locating PaPa and Gus in their tent..(see picture)
Gus remembered he was hungry.

Pa took a break to make us some Cream Cheese toast with chocolate milk and turn on one of Gussie's channel nine favorites. All was good in the Lohse household.. Before too long, Gus wanted to see some action. How about the park? The toy store? And if that store doesn't have enough toys, we can go to another store, right? We decided since it was beginning to drizzle outside and it was rather chilly, we would save the park for another day, and head for the $1 Store.

That is such a funny concept to me! The $1 Store. I have yet to go into one and spend $1! I don't think I ever leave without dropping at least $20 or more..but as we all scoured the shelves, row after row, for just the right special toy..Gus informed me-
He needed a teddy bear because he had one and it needed a friend.
His sister would love the pink squishy elephant..it's pink!
He needed a new foam dart gun-'cause he kept losin' his darts. The one with two guns-not one.
J-Bug would like one too, but he only needs one gun.
Evie would like the sand art kit, too, and Jason would like it too, cause he lost one of his bottles.
That's so nice of you, to think of your brother and sister..

Then, he saw another toy he really liked..
I think Evie would really like this basketball game, too, MeeMaw..
Well, then we have to put something else back.
But she would like them both..
We need to pick just one, Gus..

After about another 1/2 hour or so we had finally made all our selections and we were checking out when he said,"Now, can we go to the park?"

PaPa and I smiled at each other and loaded him in the car. What a perfect day! Simple and yet so very perfect. I still smile when I think of some of our conversations that day. Gus in all of his 4 years, managed to brighten my day in a big way! Just be being the sweet little boy that he is..

God really is good, He listens and hears our prayers. He knows our hearts so well. I am so grateful for the gifts He gives me each and every day. The gifts of a wonderful husband, who has taken on the role of a PaPa beautifully and lovingly. My 8 little blessings, my grandchildren, who bring smiles to my face with their hugs and kisses. A few years ago, I didn't appreciate those simple gestures of love, but I am learning, Lord, don't give up on me..my daughters, who love me in spite of the mistakes I made as a mom without all the right answers and making some pretty poor choices. Co-workers and a job that allows me to work with others, and service our Veterans. Friends who know me and love me anyway!

Today, God taught me a new lesson- How to find Joy and Peace.. and it was Child's Play!