Saturday, March 10, 2012

Conversation with My Angel

"Good Morning, sweetie."
"Yes, it's me. I missed you so much I invented this Angelograph."
"Great, Mom. I miss you all, too. But God really has it all covered. I mean-everything."
"Well, that may be so, but we miss you terribly, and until He accepts my suggestion for a visiting day where we can come and visit or vice versa, this Angelograph will have to do."
"Mom, you do know what Faith is, right?"
"Are you getting smart with your mother?"
"No, Mom. I just mean if you say you believe in God and His will be done then.."
"Shanny, if you only knew how much I see you in your babies' eyes, And sometimes what I see is such sadness and longing. Maybe, I imagine it, but I don't think so. Those kids really miss you. You are their mommy. And what about Jason, he grieves for his best friend. He still doesn't really smile with his whole body and heart anymore. I see it. Oh, he moves his mouth and it looks like a smile, but it really isn't from his heart."
"Mom,mom..I get it."
"You are still impatient with me, Shanny. You should work on that."
"Mom, I am with my babies. You said it the other day. You feel me sometimes. It's because I am there. My spirit is with them, bringing them comfort. I often visit Jason, too. Believe me, Mom. My love reaches from heaven all the way to Pernod Avenue and my house, too."
"So, when I am in my car driving and a little voice says..go ahead, run that red li.."
"NO,mom..that is not me. I may have gotten a few speeding tickets, but I would not tell you to run a red light. Unless, it is a red light camera..I don't agree with those."
"A few, Shanny? A few speeding tickets?"
"Mom, what I am saying is..when you are sad, I am there to wipe your tears. Just like you were there for me. And when, you want to give up, I am the little voice urging you on..because I know you can do it, Mom. You are so strong."
"I wasn't though, Shanny. Always there. To wipe your tears. We weren't always close. I am so very sorry for some of the choices I made."
"Me, too. Mom, I love you..and when you feel a little's an Angel hug. Our wings tend to tickle a little."
"You know, I feel better, Shan. This Angelograph might just do the trick."
"Mom, don't you think that is really His job?"
"Well, if that were so, Shanny, then how am I having this conversation with you?"

"Baby? Good morning? Why the big smile?"
"It's nothing. David, where is my Angelograph?"
"Your what?"

Tickle, tickle..