Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Most Important Words I'll Ever Speak

I spoke a lot of words today..but none so important as Thank You, Lord!
Thank you for the puffy blue clouds-so I can play,' do you see what I see?'
Thank you for the tiny flower buds peeking out of the garden.
Thank you for the birds who have made a home in our birdhouse.
Thank you for the new buds on the trees I planted.
Thank you for the rabbits and the squirrels, pesty little critters that they be.
Thank you for my wind chimes, that play such beautiful music.
Thank you for the warmth of the sunshine, that dries my tear stricken cheeks.
Thank you for your gentleness, it soothes my wounded heart.
Thank you for my family who love me in my brokenness.
Thank you for my friends, who know me and love me anyway.
Thank you for my morning coffee, it starts my day with a smile.
Thank you for my Facebook Friends, who lift my spirits with a kind word of encouragement, whether they know me or not.
Thank you for my dog who loves me with her wet nose and wagging tail.
Thank you for my cat who greets me with a snuggle and a purr when I get up in the morning.
Thank you for my work buddies, who bring chocolate..just because.
Thank you for my children, the greatest gift a mother could receive, is the love of her daughter when she least expects it in the form of a mother-daughter day out.
Thank you for my 8 Little Blessings, their hugs are filled with the best, most rewarding love of all;
they love me just because I am me.
Thank you for a husband who knows when to smile and say..Sure, honey. Whatever you think is best.
Thank you for letting me wake up and pray..Thank you, Lord, for another to praise and glorify Your name. Let me do Your will and make it my own with a smile in my heart and kind words for the people I meet along my way today.
Thank you always, for the gift of your Son..who gave His life for me so that one day I may ,
say to You lovingly, face-to-heavenly face-Thank You, Lord!