Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Promise

It is through this Easter holiday that I truly have hope. Through the Risen Christ I will see my daughter again! That is the promise that I will claim-to hold my angel again..

How do I thank God for that gift?  That promise of love fulfilled by His only Son's death on a cross..for me, and if you choose-for you. There are no strings attached to this gift-purely His love eternal.

So while I grieve for the loss of my daughter while I occupy this world-her face, her sweet smile, the beat of her young 34 year old heart, the sound of her laugh and her warm hug. I know that some day, I will see her and hear her laugh, and touch her face...again. Glory be to to God for His Easter Promise.

For those of us who have suffered the loss of a loved one, we know the pain of the empty chair at the holiday table. The side of the bed that does not move in the night, and the phone that does not ring. We know the terror forgetting for even a moment, what our loved one was wearing on that last day, the last words we spoke, or the last words we heard them speak. We also know the guilt of smiling for the first time after they pass, and laughing out loud...again.

We know the comfort of the numbness and the loneliness of the darkness. We remember way our heart would stop when we thought we saw them on the street, only to realize it really wasn't couldn't be them.

But through this pain, through this trial and this journey of fear and unknown searching, we hold strong to our faith, we hold unto Him. We rest in Him. For He is Life Eternal. He is My Hope.

He gave me His Easter Promise-

Blessings to everyone who has joined me on this journey. If you are in need of prayer-please leave your name and request, I will be happy and honored to pray for you and yours..I can't tell you how the power of prayer and faith has taken me from the numbness to recognizing God's love, even in the sadness and the grief. He brings me opportunities to share love and joy, to honor and to praise Him. When our minds are filled with His goodness, it leaves little time for anything else..

May the Blessings of Easter be Yours and May your Hearts be Filled with His Love!