Thursday, April 19, 2012

God Hears Me

When I pray-God listens. He hears my plea. My sadness and tears are not ignored. That is the beauty and power of prayer and faith. I have spoken with many of you, and emailed some of you recently, about the power of prayer. I know it seems like right now-the place you are in, this pit of darkness, the hole you cannot climb out of-there is no end to the pain. I have been there. I truly know your pain. But I promise you-Give it to the Lord, and He will provide for you a path. It might not be the same as mine. I pray everyday for God's presence and  continued strength as I walk along His chosen path. This is a journey of hope-of faith. I gave my life to Jesus and said, you have my daughter, now prepare me. Do whatever you need to to with me, so that I might some day see my daughter again.

I have much to do along the way and I ask God to give me the opportunity every day to encourage others as He and the Holy Spirit have enriched my life in the midst of my grief and pain. I cannot explain the transformation, nor would I try. I simply believe. I know the Lord-and He keeps His promises. I cannot quote the bible verse for verse, but this much I can tell you-He is real, His power is real, He heals and He cares.

I could not have made it through this past year without Him. He is my strength. He listens when no one else does. Family and friends may get tired of hearing me speak of Shannon and how much I miss her. But He doesn't. He never judges me in my journey, He only supports me on my life walk to the Gate of Heaven. I fall and He picks me up. I stumble and He wipes my scraped knees. He whispers in my ear-Do not give up, Child-I am here. Come closer, I am here for you, lean on me, I will always be here for you. If you just ask for me, I am there, reach out and I will take your hand. He lifts me up when I cannot stand alone. This is what He has done for me and will do for you. Be open to Him. Listen with your heart for Him to speak to you. Soon, you will feel His comfort and peace.

When I ask My Father for Peace He grants it in different ways. Sometimes, He gives me rest in the form of sleep-true bodily sleep. Other times, when I am sad, He brings me laughter through my daughters, a conversation with them, a memory that we chuckle over or they call me about something one of the grand kids did at school. Sometimes, when I really need comfort, the greatest blessings come from my grand children. They give me the purest kind of love. It is so real and unplanned-it just happens! I see their Momma's in their eyes and their actions..and that makes my heart happy!
God does know every hair on our head, every thought in our mind, every word we speak before we speak it..what an awesome God we serve! How blessed are we that He hears us when we pray?
Thank you, Jesus for listening with YOUR heart! Thank you for Your unconditional love, that is never ending.

So, if you are feeling that sadness in the pit of your stomach-give it to God. Let Him wrap you in His arms and comfort you. He will. I will pray for you if you contact me through my email or blog. I will pray and God will listen because God Hears Me..