Thursday, May 24, 2012

Beauty-Full You!

Sisters...and a couple hubbies, too!
Our Snuggle-bunny doin' what she always did best...her favorite blanket, reserved for precious few and only on an as-needed basis!

My Three Angels, the Day Kim got married-these are some serious
smiles..what a wonderful day we shared..

                                                                                                     Shannon's smile could always light up a room, just like her spirit lights up the sky now!         

I am really missing Shanny today. I talked with Kim and Tina (my other 2 Angels) and they are having it a little rough I decided to post some pics of our Girl to brighten our day..
Shanny has that "movie star" quality. She made life look so easy and fun. No matter what she was doing or where she was going-you could bet-she was going to have a good time!
Look at those smiles! Wedding Day-August 2009. I Had Never Seen Her Smile So
Beautifully, or more full of beauty..