Saturday, May 12, 2012

He Heard My Prayer

I pray for acceptance, always. Acceptance of His will. It's the only way I can get from one day to the next. Prayer is so very powerful. It is truly a conversation with God. Whether it is a joyful talk, whispers late at night or sobbing into my pillow, He listens. When I am ranting  at Him with balled up fists, angry at the loss of my daughter and the unfairness of it all, He listens. When I am gulping for air because I can't stop the flow of tears and I can't talk through the sobbing, He listens. When I am at peace, and praising Him for His mercy, He listens. When I want answers, and the silence overwhelms me, He listens. When nighttime comes and the quiet deafens me, He listens. When I pace the floors and ramble on, He listens. When I sing for joy but don't know the words, He listens.

When I pray for others, He listens.

How do I know? I feel peace in my heart today. He put it there. He heard my prayer and knew I was struggling and brought me the gift of peace. My life changes every day and how I accept those changes is up to me. I know I must have God's hand on me at all times, and so I pray. It's my choice, I know.

My birthday was special because the voices of my children greeted me early in the morning with wishes for a happy birthday. My grand-angels sang to me and that put a smile on my face and my son (in-law) sent me a picture of my daughter and me together on an was so special, it is now my profile picture on FB. Of course, my sweet husband greeted me with coffee and a smile and greatest of hugs, ever. Friends sent cards and called, I received lots and lots of wonderful birthday wishes! That evening I got together with my sisters and my brother for a great cake and coffee gathering at my sister's house. I even got to visit with a few of my nieces and nephews. It was a beautiful day filled with a lot of love and many blessings. I felt Shanny's presence through the love of my family and friends holding me up. I felt her love shining through. I felt her smile as I blew out my birthday candles on my cake and I felt her giggle at the number of candles on my cake..gosh, mom, that could cause a fire! It's getting hot in here...

All because He heard my prayer.

He listens to my heart as it pours out to Him every need. Even when I question why? Even in the midst of anger and pain. Even in the darkest of hours..He hears my prayer. I am never alone, for He is with me always.

Even when I don't hear His voice, He is listening to me. When I don't feel the answers are coming fast enough, He is listening. He hears me always, I sometimes am talking so loudly I can't hear Him.
Sometimes, He is quiet and I just need to relax and let God be God, and rest in the knowledge that He heard my prayer.