Friday, May 4, 2012

I Will See Her Every Sunday!

I see her in the flowers..
I see her in their smiles..
I will breathe in her scent with the blooms of spring and watch as her love blossoms for us to gather up..
And when the rain falls, I will know it is her tears watering the roses of the garden..
When the sun shines once again, I will feel her warmth and know her spirit is with us..
Just as this beautiful flowering bush will root and grow..
So, will my knowledge that my child rests with Our Heavenly Father..
As the weeks turn into months and the seasons change and pass, this will not change-
only the strength of the flower to withstand the winter's cold and winds that arise and the storms that
The buds may close and sleep, take rest in the earth during this time, but when the Lord lifts the clouds, and raises the sun again, so will flowers burst forth their beautiful blooms..
When the Lord warms the days and sets the birds in song ..we will know her beauty again and again,
forever and the roses that bloom year after year..
Shannon, too will greet us with her beautiful sweet memories..
My heart is so full tonight with gratitude for the beautiful folks at St. Luke's for this wonderful tribute to Shannon.
I will see her every Sunday now, when I go to church..