Monday, May 28, 2012

Remember When?

I have spent the last few days lazily taking turns between my hammock and the bench in the yard. Holidays can be a good way to reflect on what is really important in my life. First of all, never having been in the military, I owe a great deal of gratitude to those that serve my country and their families. Without them, I wouldn't be enjoying my freedom and the lazy days in the hammock..

Secondly, I feast my eyes on the blessings of the Lord. My family-God has richly blessed me with a loving circle of loved ones that reaches far beyond my dreams. I am married to a wonderful man with a great family, my children have grown into beautiful, strong women with families of their own. They have blessed me with 8 Little Angels that make me smile from the inside out! And beautiful caring friends-who know me and still love me!

There is just one flaw in this magical picture. My First Angel, is not with me to enjoy the fruits of our family. She was called from this earth last year and I am learning to say it, read it, live out and accept it every day. I pray a lot for strength and courage to face the painful realization of her death. I ask the Holy Spirit for grace and mercy to accept the Father's will, because God says to pray to His Spirit for help..

Some days, I just want to close my eyes and remember when..

I was a little girl with no worries or deep thoughts..the most important thing on my mind was playing Four Square or Red Rover.
When I could sing out loud in church and no one cared if it was off key-God loves joyful noise!
Having my best friend on a Florida trip was the best summer ever!
High School was the biggest challenge I had to face.
Dating was actually fun..
Driving wasn't expected, it was a privilege.
Graduating high school really meant something special..
College wasn't a given, it was earned.
Working your way through life was the norm.
Settling down didn't always mean as a married woman.
Having my First Baby was one of the most important and happy moments in my life!
Feeling unconditional love from my daughter-was the very best life had to offer!
Finding my way to Jesus was a troubled journey with a lot of falls.
Angels #2 and #3 came along-life was magical because my children were and are magical!
Marriage didn't always work out but you didn't have to hate to end it.
Taking a trip to Wal-Mart could be an adventure.
First haircuts didn't always turn out as planned.
School recitals were powerful and prideful!
Watching my girls grow up meant accepting we might not always agree on things..
I could fix a lot of hurts with hugs, kisses and ice cream.
I felt like I was the most important person in the world to my three Angels..
I held them on my lap-and they were no longer babies.
Wiping away a tear was just the beginning of feeling my heart strings tugged..
Knowing the right answer wasn't always what mattered most-sometimes it was about listening.
Getting a phone call meant something good was going to happen.
Not having a lot of money really didn't matter.
School clothes shopping never ends..
Watching them cross a stage brought tears to my eyes and shouts of praise..
Wedding plans are a lot like shopping adventures-only more expensive.
Seeing them in their wedding dress-priceless!
Being in the room when they have their first child-takes your breath away..
Hearing the news, another one on the way-brings smiles and tears and lots of jokes..
Holding your grandchild I suddenly remembered holding my Angel for the first time..
How all three have such different personalities-I loved that about them.
Saying 'no' really meant 'no.'
Staying up late was something special-not because I can't sleep.
I made a promise to my mom and wanted to keep it-because it mattered to her.
There are so many 'remember when' memories-I can't name them all and some I want to steel away in my heart forever.
This I know-when my girls say remember when? I want them to smile and remember when remembering was a blessing..a shared memory-a moment in time that will forever be on their hearts. A gift of time shared-that no one can take away or change..because I remember when..