Sunday, June 3, 2012

Snapshots to Heaven

I wonder if you can see us walk through the door of life..
It happens every day, when I am with Jas and the kiddos, I am loving my moments of joy and hoping snapshots are going to heaven.
When life hands me a child's smile, I feel blessed and hope I had something to do with the reason for the smile.
When I see Jas relax-even just a little-I hope I can bring him some comfort, because he fills my heart with love.
When I hear Gus' laughter-it brings me such gladness, and hope that he might be joyful again. I know he will miss the touch of his mother, that can never be replaced. Those hugs and kisses must come from heaven now and find a way right to his heart.
Eva's dance and energy remind me of you-Eva tries to make me laugh and succeeds! She is teaching me to let the 'happy' in-I find strength in her approach to life-the same approach you had-Look Out World I Have Arrived!
J-Bug has a gentle heart but is letting the sun in slowly, as if he is savoring each ray and only shares the sunrise and sunset when he feels safe. A beautiful spirit, but you knew that..
I see Jas with the kids and my heart leaps for joy as he is mastering his life-one day at a time. The love he shares with the kids, I hope you see it because it would warm you inside out and outside in-he is an amazing father and example of living life, love first!
Your sisters are rising up and holding onto your spirit-Kim has grown in self-confidence and is moving forward-family first, you touched her life more than you ever knew and taught her about family..
Tina promised she would go back to school, and she is..16 books, classes with names I can't pronounce and a determination that you showed her and courage she didn't know she had, your encouragement to do what you want to do and yes, you can- outlook on life-keeps her going.
All these moments have been near to me for a long time-I just wasn't allowing myself to see them. Your beautiful spirit was alive when you were here with us-and it continues to breathe through your children and the memories you created for each of us.
The photos remind me of you, the memories create a never-ending story of your life and love for your family. I hope you see the snapshots in heaven-of a smile, a moment when all is good with the world, and you know we wait in joyful hope to complete our family album..