Saturday, July 14, 2012

Just to See Your Face

What I wouldn't do to see your face-I'd gladly scale a wall,
I'd climb a tree, I'd climb a fence, a building a 100 feet tall..
I'd climb so high , into the sky- I'd reach an ocean wide,
 I'd swim all the way to a sandy beach, and hike up the mountainside, 
I'd look for you in the glens and glades, 
 I'd look where you might hide-

and I'd swim that ocean of heartfelt tears, right on out to you,

and the tears I'd cry would fill the sea-water of pure deep blue-
What I wouldn't do to see your face-your smile-your eyes-your hair-

What I wouldn't do to hug you close and kiss your brow, so fair.
Oh, daughter, sweet daughter-I miss you.
Oh daughter, sweet daughter-I love you.
Oh daughter, sweet daughter-I'm sending my love-all the way, every day- til I see you again.
Oh daughter, sweet daughter..just to see you again.