Saturday, July 14, 2012

Thank You, Lord

Thank you, Lord for Sundays..
Watching J-Bug, Evie and Gus in church warms my heart.
Thank you, Lord for Mondays...
Having spent a beautiful Sunday with all 8 of my Blessings (my Grandkids), my daughters and sons-in-law;
I have a lot of new memories to reflect on today!
Thank you, Lord for Tuesdays...
Work was crazy but productive and challenging!
Thank you, Lord for Wednesdays...
The sun was out and the breeze was in the air! I felt You in the Summer day.
Thank you, Lord for Thursdays...
Spending time with my sister always brightens my day! Whether we are together or on the phone chatting, it warms my heart to remember and to share our daily lives with each other..
Thank you, Lord for Fridays..
My husband and I spent time just getting to know each other. Yes, we still do that-talk about silly things and important things. We share our day and our dreams.
Thank you, Lord for Saturdays..
Today was full of laughter and warm hugs and smiles! It was a wonderful day filled with You, Lord. Thank You for Your presence in my life. You give me strength and peace. Somehow, You always know what I need-even when I don't!
Thank you, Lord for Sundays...
So much to be grateful for, Lord. Family and friends and the blessing of faith. You make the world come alive with sights and sounds of life and beauty. In the midst of grief, You show me how to love again and to remember my blessings are still with me-eight of them, my grandchildren. My daughters, my husband, my sons-in-law, my sisters, my family, my wonderful friends, my co-workers, my church family, my neighbors. So much to be thankful, Lord. Yes, in the midst of sadness-You will bring the gift of a smile to a burdened heart. You are there to listen, to comfort and to strengthen me; and I am brought to my knees in grateful prayer, because I do know the power of prayer and faith as a mother grieves!