Saturday, August 11, 2012

I Took A Moment to Be Happy

I arrived home yesterday from vacationing at the beach. The house was fine. Our Sierra was happy to see us, Harley was hungry as usual, the clutter was as we left it in a hurry to get away. But, there are things that will never change and I kind of like that..I am getting comfortable in my age and I am beginning to accept Shanny's new residence is Heaven forevermore. I still miss her like crazy, just like I missed Kim and Tina and the Grand 8 when I was beaching it..but it is a softer pain some is getting
more bearable.

When I was shelling, Shanny would gift me with feathers along the way to remind me she was close by..sure, they might have been bird feathers, but I prefer to think of them as Angel feathers, it makes me smile. She
played with me in the early morning waves and we giggled at the sand between our toes..she will be with us
next year and the year after that as well, wherever we vacation..

My girls were in my thoughts a lot, too. I spoke to them several times. Kimmy worked a lot that week. Tina had several doctor appointments and kept me up to date. I will fill you in and ask for prayer that her medicine works though..I am not sure what Beta Blockers are but she is on them and needs them to work, so please pray with me for that to happen.

Also, my sister had a hip replacement that went well, while I was away..God hears prayers from everywhere-even on the beach! Isn't He an awesome God? Now, we pray for a smooth and less painful recovery..

The only thing I really tried to not think about was work..I did pray for the Veterans and my co-workers, as I always do, but I didn't worry about the work on my desk, until I just let it cross my mind...oh, well, it will be there Monday!

The water was wonderful, in spite of a few jellyfish stings, the skies were warm and sunny, except for a few clouds and downpours, the company was great and the memories were wonderful...coming home to family-

But I took a moment to be happy on my journey and to remember the laughter, the sunshine on my face and the warmth in my heart-God gave it to me for a reason-He wants me to remember, so I will pray and continue to pray, because I know the power of prayer and faith as a mother grieves!