Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Unapologetically Shanny..

I never knew someone who was as comfortable in their own skin as my daughter. She had her own thoughts, beliefs and concerns. From what I know, she stuck to them, too. I am proud of that. She stood up for what she believed in-in today's world that is saying much.

When she was younger, she had normal misgivings...look, I'm getting a zit, to, is that a gray hair?!? But, for the most part, Shannon loved what God blessed her with-all 96 pounds of her! Well, maybe 102.

Shannon lived her life out loud. She spoke her mind. She shared her thoughts, her words and her heart. If she had it to give, she gave it. That included her time. She not only worked full-time, she sat on several committees, worked for the kids' school, was a children's liturgist and was becoming politically active in the neighborhood to make it a safer, greener better place. She was active in her job for recycling and going green, as well. My daughter loved life and the people in it. She rarely saw bad in people and refused to speak badly about anyone, unless you hurt her family. Then, you were chopped liver!

Shannon grew her faith from that of a mustard seed. I know, I planted the mustard seed. I was not very active in the church or faith. She actually brought me back to God through her sharing her faith with me! God has a plan and it is much greater than any we could ever have for ourselves. Through His plan, she taught me His love is endless and His mercy is forever. Somehow, she talked me into getting involved with Children's Liturgy at St. Luke's. At first, I remember trying to come up with excuses to avoid that Sunday. I just wasn't into it. Church, especially the Catholic church, didn't answer many questions for me and I didn't have much to offer it. But between Shanny and God, my life was going to change a great deal over the next couple of years. It has been changing ever since and because of the seed Shannon planted, the foundation of faith took hold again. Before long, I was actually looking forward to those Sundays. I began to realize how much I loved spending that time with my Grandchildren and how much I was getting to know each one of them a little better. I began to see how God was working in my life and how I was being blessed in many ways.
Today, I wouldn't trade my Sundays for anything. I love the time I spend with the kids and Jason and God. Getting to know each of them a little better each week, and deepen my understanding of my desire to know God and His will.

Shannon was so wise for being so young. She just knew how to love on so many levels. I hope she sees me trying to be a better Mee Maw and Mom. I hope she knows she had a lot to do with teaching me about faith and God's love. I hope she knows I pray for her every day. I hope she knows I smile because of her every day. I hope she knows I dream of seeing her again in Heaven one day and having a group hug with all three of my Angels! I hope she knows I am proud she was always unapologetically Shanny!

Dear God, I want to take a deep breath and say a prayer of sincere praise and thanks for my blessings-my girls, Tina, my baby, Kimmy, my middle sweet, and Shanny, my firstborn Angel. And for all my blessings, my sons-in-law, my grand eight, and my loving family and friends, and the friends I have yet to meet. My journey has not been made alone, You have held me up the whole time in Your loving arms and kept me safe. Thank You, Jesus for Your strength, Your gentleness, and Your forever promise of eternal life.

Thank You for my Blessings and My memories. I am grateful I have lived to be blessed and I am able to reflect on the memories and know my Angel is with You in her Heavenly home, because this momma knows the power of prayer and faith as a mother grieves.