Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How Long is Forever?

Forever seems so far away. It seems long ago and of a different place. Where I am now compared to forever, just doesn't make sense to me. So, when we say-I will love you forever or I will remember this moment forever, are we limiting ourselves to one love or one moment? Rather, I believe we are holding time in our hands and capturing its magic.

I look at photos and remember the person and the place and the time-a memory now, but a moment that will last forever in my heart and mind. A constant reminder of 'forever.'  A piece of paper with a picture of what was, not is. This reflection stirs up memories and feelings, some good some sad. Remembering is the heart's way of reminding us of our promises. Discard the photo and forget? Unlikely, the mind has captured the moment and it remains 'forever.'

Funny thing about memories, they can change over time. The date, or place or time of year becomes clouded so we choose to fill in the blanks. We can create a better memory, if you will, by changing an emotion or an outcome, but the memory lasts-forever.

For some, there is a solace in remembering, for others there is pain. Forever, seems a lifetime away, and yet it is captured in an album or shoebox. Tears of sadness and joy mingle in a memory, remembering what was and being sad, that there is no more, and relishing the moment and being grateful we shared the time and had the experience. The adage-once in a lifetime suddenly makes sense and brings a sigh of remembering our plans for 'forever.'

Our plans change, go awry and sometimes are changed by God's hand. Circumstances are not ours for the planning. God sets our path and we do not have the ability to change it. We do not know what life has in store beyond the present. Forever could be over in the blink of an eye, according to His will not ours. So, cherish the time we are given, make the most of it, do acts of kindness and give God the glory, always. Look kindly on your neighbor, lend a helping hand, share a word of encouragement, and give thanks for your 'forever'.

When our loved ones are taken, and our 'forever' cut short, remember the blessings shared, precious moments and the promise of 'forever.' God's promise of eternal life-forever, completes our circle of love. God is the promise and the keeper of His word, forever does not end, but is fulfilled when life meets death. Forever is just beginning.

I will pray for renewed hope of a lifetime of forevers, from this world to the next, until our loved ones can be seen again, because I know the power of prayer and faith as a mother grieves.