Friday, September 21, 2012

Today I Am Fierce

Today is a day to praise God. Just like yesterday and the day before, but with one difference. Today, I am fierce. I am fierce in my faith. Today I choose to see my blessings. I choose to recognize the Creator and Designer of my blessings. I choose to step out in faith and serve others because that will lead to healing my wounds and soothing my restless mind and broken heart.

Today I am fierce in prayer. Prayers of thankful praise and honor to Him Who Heals. I will acknowledge Him in all I do and say today. God is Good. I will pray for others who need to find peace and others who need to find the One True God. I will not brood about my sadness today, but I will pray and know God hears all prayers and answers them in His time according to His will. My prayer will rise above the clamor of my busy day and reach the Father. He knows my heart and the desires it holds. He knows what is best for me and I will pray for acceptance and motivation.

Today I honor Shanny's memory by fierce acts of love. I will share my blessings with others and reach beyond the sadness that hinders my growth. My loyalty to Shannon will not be clouded by judgmental thoughts or useless hurtful words. I will work fiercely on helping and not hurting to heal my heart.

Today I choose to be fierce in the love God gifts me with. I will share it and use it to spread the word of God by living my faith out loud. Today I will recognize my blessings and seek to improve the conditions of this world, with one simple act at a time.

Today I am fierce because yesterday does not haunt me and tomorrow will care for itself. Today is the day I can make a difference. Today I will reach out and take the hand of a stranger and call him friend. Today I will help solve a problem at work, and ease the tension in the office. Today, I will remember to kiss my children and tell them I love them, no matter how busy life gets. Today, I will smile no matter what the day throws at me, because today I am fierce!

Today I am fierce in the knowledge that with God all things are possible, and I will continue to grow beyond my pain, and recognize God's fierce love because I know the power of prayer and faith as a mother grieves.