Thursday, September 27, 2012

When Faith Spells Hope

Every day presents me with a choice to make. Do I believe in this world and what it has to offer? Do I concentrate solely on what 'is' and not what 'shall be?' When I do that I limit myself. I see only the finality of what this world holds for me. Granted, God created a masterpiece-this world. But, in this world, people disappoint each other. People hurt and kill other and animals, too. My heart hurts for my daughter who is no longer here with me to hug and kiss and hear her laughter or watch her with her children. It all came to an end. If I choose to believe only in this world. And so, I cling to my Faith-and today it spells Hope!

Hope of a better day, one with smiles and laughter and the hug of a child. A kind word for a co-worker and a helping hand to a stranger. My faith directs the winds of this day. I am surrounding myself with the Angels and their light because my faith spells hope.

Today, when I pray it is with the knowledge that my voice is heard in the heavens. God listens and acts on our prayers for healing of a friend with pancreatic cancer. He hears my plea that the treatment she is on will strengthen her body and kill the cancer. All things are possible when your Faith spells Hope!

Reaching out and getting past the pain of grief can be a challenge some days. But our day is wrapped in opportunity to serve others. From little smiles and encouraging words to picking up a friend for an appointment to sorting clothes at a clothing drive, God gifts us with a chance to give instead of take on the days we need it most. It is just getting past the pain and letting our faith spell hope.

When we pray for out children to heal from addiction, our faith is spelling hope. We are trusting in the Lord to deliver them from their drug of choice but we are also trusting our children to trust in themselves to choose life over drugs. We must keep praying and relying on their strength to reach out to God.

When our child first realizes they want to feel peace in their heart. The peace that only God can provide them. Our faith has spelled hope, and our prayer has been heard. Our heart is pounding with the joy of knowing they will one day see the face of Jesus and know eternal life. No greater joy have I experienced than my child belonging to the Lord.

When it rains, you can bet the ground needs the water. When it is sunny, we crave the warmth. God made the seasons and He delights in the way the world works. Trust in the Lord and watch miracles happen. How else does a flower bloom? Or a tree grow? Who else can paint the sky with sparkling stars in the night? I am so grateful for the gift of faith and because it spells hope, I count my blessings daily. In the midst of my grief, God gives me reasons to smile and share His love and so I will always be thankful for the power of prayer and faith as a mother grieves.

Today, I will let my Faith spell Hope. I will see the world with eyes wide open and will listen with an open mind and a hopeful heart for a brighter day. No matter what others may say or do my view will remain positive and peaceful and my offerings will be cheerful throughout the day!

How will you let your Faith spell Hope today?