Friday, November 16, 2012

Hugs and Kisses

Hello Sweetie,
How's it going? Everyone sends their love and wishes you could be here with us on Thanksgiving. They all understand you're busy, but want you to know you will be missed.
Work has been crazy-end of year catch up, you know same as every year! I am pulling my hair out trying to get all of the doctors credentialed on time. They are always busy and I can never catch them in their office or at their computer long enough to finish. Persistence is the key!
Tina is doing great in school. Studying like mad but it is paying off! I am really proud of her. Your big sister talks are paying off, Shanny. She is following through just like she promised you.
Kim loves her new job and is working hard to get ahead. Mike is very supportive. Gosh the kids are all getting so big. They all send their love. Big hugs and kisses!!
I got to see MiMi on Halloween. She is looking good. The woman is amazing, isn't she? She still moves like a whirlwind. We had a good talk and shared a lot of warm memories. It was a great evening.
Jackie got married last week, Jas posted some pictures and she looked so happy. It looked to be a beautiful wedding, Shan. Your little trio was looking terrific, as always.
Jason is doing such a wonderful job with the kids. He is really something, Shan. He gets my vote for Father of the Year! You talk about patience. Sometimes, I wonder how he does it and then I remember how you two were when you were here. Hugs and Kisses, Shanny-all the way to Heaven!
I sure wish you were on a business trip and I knew you would be back soon or some day. I would take some day. But I know that isn't real. Just like this letter isn't real. It's just easier this way. It's easier to pretend you are reading it somehow. I can almost see you, if I close my eyes. I can imagine you, reading it line by line-hungry for every word about the kids and Jason.
I still listen to your voice mail just to hear your voice because that's what I have left of you. That and a few short video moments Jason captured. Thank God you and Jason captured every detail in picture. He shares them with us. We gobble them up, print them, blow them up, frame them, make posters, but they don't breathe and they don't talk and they don't hug and they aren't you. I touch things you touched, and then I touch them again almost like I believe they have a heartbeat of their own and it will bring you back somehow.
Silly, I know. I miss you so. Please know my love never stops growing. I am sending all the hugs and
kisses my heart can hold!
See you in my dreams-xoxoxox
P.S. I will always pray because I know the power of prayer and faith as a mother grieves.