Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Heart Speaks

A silent prayer-some days it is all I can call forth.
When my lips are quiet-my heart conveys and my eyes speak for me.
My mind is crowded with thoughts that don't always make sense-questions that have been asked over and over-demanding an answer. The what ifs, how comes, and should haves-that leave me exhausted and confused.
Some days, my heart will weep as it speaks to relieve the pain. The sadness which comes in waves can be held at bay, stuffed down and covered up with a smile. To the untrained or uncaring eye, you cannot detect the sadness that hides within this broken heart.
I go about my day as if it mattered and nothing was amiss. All the while my heart is sending out silent messages. Beats of love.
Every act of kindness I manage on those days, every word of encouragement I speak, and every loving thought-truly is coming from the Heavenly Father. He knows, on those days I do not have the strength-
so my heart speaks.
Faith is for me, the act of doing without thinking what I know is right. Even if it doesn't feel right at the time.
It may not be a comfortable place or action I am called to do, but God gives me what I need to do it-always and in all ways!
Prayer-is the request and conversation I have with God. When you put both together-there is nothing more powerful in this world for getting God's work done.
My father had a favorite prayer-
Father, You have no hands but our hands to do Your work today,
You have no feet but our feet, to guide men along the way,
You have no tongues but our tongues, to tell of how You lived and how You died,
You have no help but our help, to bring men to Your side.

This is now one of my favorite prayers also. It is simple and yet speaks volumes. Like my heart,
it speaks much better than my mouth with words. From now on, I think I am going to let my heart do more talking and my mouth less.

Have a blessed day and please remember the power of prayer and faith as a mother grieves!