Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy? Well, It's A New Year-Let's Pray for HAPPY!

WARNING: This subject may be sensitive for some readers.

This has been a year of emotions. Feeling the loss of loved ones is never easy. Even hearing it on the news and sharing in the pain of the parents in Newtown recently was devastating. It takes a nation to raise our children.

We need to come together in prayer-in praise and in voice for our children. Too many have been lost to violence and a godless government that forbids us to pray in our schools and has removed God from our lives as much as possible. What are we becoming? When will we raise up and stop this madness? We need to take our schools back and reclaim our children's safety. We need to speak up for our beliefs-if that means we choose to pledge our American flag-then DO it! If you choose to praise God in school-DO it! 

As parents we have a responsibility to our children to bring them up in a civilized world that teaches respect and tolerance, not hatred and racism, not discrimination of any kind. Bring a child up with love and kindness and they will learn that and pass it on. Isn't that really what we all want for our families?

Pardon me, I got a little carried away but it really bothers me to see our world begin to crumble around us. I am a strong believer in Prayer. It doesn't matter to me what your religion is, who you pray to-simply pray.
I am all about educating myself about other cultures, religions, beliefs and customs. I know I may entertain certain ideas that are different from others. I don't claim to be the one and only believer-but I do claim my beliefs. We do not need to fight over our beliefs though, we just need to tolerate the differences and respect each other. I actually find it stimulating and interesting to learn of other cultures and practices. I am not offended in any way when someone wants to share their religion or customs with me.

Just because we don't all think alike, look alike, believe alike and talk alike-you get where I am going, right? Doesn't mean my God isn't your God, presenting Him or Herself in a different manner to reach me or you. It simply means we are searching for the same thing by a different path. Is either one of us more right or wrong? I don't think so. We have just learned tolerance of one an other's beliefs. That is what I call respect. Right or wrong, I am not going to condemn the non-Catholic, Hindu, Jewish, Methodist, Protestant, Lutheran, Pentecost, Whatever-religion I may have missed, because I don't share the same belief structure. I
believe God created many paths to reach one conclusion-there is one God who created us, I believe in the Trinity, and that Jesus walked this earth, died for our sins and saved us from eternal damnation. He is my Savior. The Father, My Living Tree of Life, the Holy Spirit, guides me and keeps me on track in this life.

This is really getting heavy for a New Year message, right? You may not believe. If I am true to my beliefs-I will share them with you. The same way, I would expect you to share your beliefs with me. What some people fail to realize is there does not need to be violence in the exchange. It is okay to have different beliefs. God is a master of all religions and faiths. He/She gets it. Some of us get off track. Some are led astray. Some never find a path to follow. The answer to diversity isn't hatred and prejudice. That can never be the answer to a Godly question.

To sum it up-Keep prayer in the equation-and we will all have a Happy New Year! And I know I will continue to pray because I know the power of prayer and faith as a mother grieves.