Saturday, January 19, 2013

Planting Seeds

I am planting seeds these days. What is that you say? This isn't planting season! But it is-it is always planting season-if we are planting seeds of love and good memories. I may not be around to see them bloom, but I will watch from yonder and reap the benefits of an early planting. And what a garden it will be! Filled with wild flowers, and lots of climbers, and crape myrtle. Of course there will be sunflowers, giant sunflowers and lots of hydrangeas and a million other flowers!

Did you know if you believe you can always communicate with your loved ones?  Prayer will always take you in the right direction. Don't be afraid to ask, that is what God wants-lean on Him. I know when I first let out my anguish-I was hesitant. I thought He might not understand my pain. But, how could He not understand? He gave His Son for me. He not only understood, He wept with me. After all, He, too was a parent who understood the depth of grief. So, whenever you doubt-know this-His understanding surpasses all understanding. He will wrap you in His arms and hold you til your last tear has fallen. He knows your bound to cry again, and He will comfort you. I promise. His love has never failed me. In the depths of my sorrow, and my darkest days-He has given me light and hope for a brighter tomorrow.

I can tell you, I have walked the path of grief-I know the way and He will offer you a lamp-take it. The Holy Spirit will comfort and guide you through some of the sorrow. Pray and ask for His hand and when He offers it-take it.

Please, do not gather your seed to yourself-but spread it freely among your family and friends. Seeds of hope, laughter, love and joy. Seeds that will sprout and multiply. Some days we feel more like planting, others we need to sow. That is exactly why I love my family and friends. In the dead of winter, my garden is in full bloom with loving thoughts, random acts of kindness and treasured memories. My family and friends often tend to my garden if I am down or sad that day. It all comes from planting those tiny seeds of love and hope.

I am doing a little more gardening today at J-Bug's last Pinewood Derby. I am sure it will be filled with seeds of great memory and some of reflection from Derby's past. My joy will be in the planting today and watching the seeds take root and grow deep into the soil of love that binds our family together. I am so blessed. 

Even in grief, a beautiful garden defies death. Our tears water the soil, and our hearts and actions plant the seeds along the way. The harvest, the real bounty is God's gift to us-in full bloom. I want to take Him a most beautiful bouquet some day!

Blessings to all of you and remember to pray-because we both know the power of prayer and faith as a mother grieves.