Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy V-Day!

Today is V-Day, a day of love, the day I begin to take care of myself. Not just hearts and flowers..
No, I mean Victory. Victory over the damaging thoughts that creep into my mind to steal my joy.
Victory over the hurtful words that others may cast my way.
Victory over the tears that fall, without meaning-only pain.
Victory over the thoughtless actions of others, as I smile and rise above their hurtful way.

Today, my strength takes on love, God's love. His purpose becomes my plan. My life has meaning and I am on a journey, a journey of Hope.

And the blessing is, I will be sharing this with others-God's love will heal their hurting hearts. And will give them reason to smile in the face of pain. He will show them thoughtful, loving on their journey as they grow through their grief. He waits with arms wide open.

So, if you have questions or doubts about today. If you are saddened about this day-don't be. God is the greatest gift of all on V-Day! I am not speaking as if I do not understand, I do. My daughter was laid to rest on this day two years ago. 

While V-Day may have a different meaning for me today, it still means love, but today it means victory!

Never doubt the power of prayer or faith. God's love, the Holy Spirit, Abba, Your Heavenly Father..will heal your pain, soothe your soul and give your purpose-He lives and He loves!

Always, What? PRAY, because we know the power of prayer and faith as a mother grieves!

Happy V-Day!