Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday

There was a time when this Sunday meant wild party time with friends, drinking a lot of whatever was the drink of the day, and waiting for another commercial-that was the only part of the game I ever cared to watch. I'm not a real football fan. Although, I'd try to get caught up in the party mode...

I was much younger then, much. Actually, I was about Shannon's age. I know this doesn't make me sound like the very best mother I could have been-partying, and all that, but I am keeping it real.  I had young kids who played with the other young neighborhood kids, and we all got together at a neighbor's house. Shannon can't do that-not this year, not last year, not ever. Neither can her kids-not with their mommy. Shanny wouldn't host an outright party per se- not for football, not that I know of..but, Shannon had a way of making everyday life a kind of party.  Right now, Jas is dealing with all this on his own. Life has dealt us a crappy blow. So, what's so super about super bowl Sunday?

Well, before this post goes totally south-let me say this. Heaven has a great cheerleader! She may not have really gotten into football, but Shannon always gave it her all. I don't know what the family household managed to pull off on Super Bowl Sundays when Shanny was here, if she rallied her crew together for a big time of it or not, but I know this; no matter what she was doing, from cooking to Children's liturgy, to planting in the garden to planning a party-she gave her love in full force. She lived her love out loud. She could turn a tickle session into a party! She never tired of -Guess where Gus is hiding?(almost always under his blankie) and isn't J-Bug the handsomest boy ever? And always, Mom, just watch Evie dance-isn't she something? As we'd peek inside the window of the door where she took her class. Evie was never aware of us there watching her, but Shanny would just watch her and smile... 

 I admired the way she would speak her mind and call me on something I was avoiding or not being honest with myself about, especially if it was health related. Whether it was my teeth, or my stomach, or whatever else she may have read about that week-but she always offered to be there for me, and she was, when I finally found the courage to go to the doctor.

We didn't have an easy relationship, it had its ups and downs. There were tears and hang ups and misspoken   
words of thoughtlessness, but there was love. Shannon understood me better than I understood myself sometimes. It was tough being the mother, and having a daughter who could school you in many ways. But, I never stopped being proud of the woman Shannon lived to be. She followed her own heart, God's plan, and lived by God's laws, for the most part-(I know she was human), but she will always be my Angel #1!

That's what makes this Sunday Super-remembering my Angel and how heaven gained a great cheerleader for their team!

I will keep on praying, too-because I know the power of prayer and faith as a mother grieves!