Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It's Right Around the Corner!

Everything seems to happen so fast. Life-death, changes. Time moves so quickly and passes and before you know it another year has gone by. Another year without my baby. Another year without her smile, her calls, her kisses. And yet...

It's right around the corner-eternity, that is. Really, I tell myself that every day-one day closer! Just like Spring, it's right around the corner, too! New growth, new blooms, flowers, birds, butterflies, hummingbirds, and sweet sunshine. The warmth of the season will bring about change and thaw the ground, bringing about  spring growth, birds nesting, flowers blooming, grass growing, bees buzzing and life in all it's glory, for us to witness and share.

It's right around the corner-this life that blends with the next, we move from this life to an eternal paradise that is being prepared for us as we make our journey through this world, through our trials, through our grief. We can lift our prayers to heaven and know God hears them, for He is good and assures us of His steadfast love. Our faith soars along our journey and we grow to new heights as we experience God's mercy and His plan for us unfolds because we trust Him. Our babies rest with Him in Heaven eternally, and someday we will join then, and this knowledge keeps our hearts beating along God's path. Our faith is our food and we feast on the promise of hereafter and holding our babies once again. It doesn't matter what age we lost them. Two months, three years or thirty four years-they are forever our children and we carry them with us in our hearts until the day, our heart stops beating. When they took their last breath, a part of us died with them.
And so, the promise of eternal life is our "carrot." It is just in front of us, always. Just right around the corner.

Until then, we are challenged to find joy within the grief. It is there, all around us! The joy did not cease to exist, only our desire to see it faded. Maybe, clouded by tears, or pain, we became forgetful of the joy  in this world. God created beauty in all forms for us to bring a smile to our face, and then share it with someone. The sunrise, the flowers, the birds nesting, rabbits playing in the yard, the sunset. One of my favorite games is 'cloud figures.'  I look up to see what God has following me today. Hoping for an angel or a hummingbird...God's beauty is right there-right around the corner.

So, I always try before I sleep to lay this day to rest having made the best of it, having found the joy God planted in it. I hope I made good use of the day, Lord and shared Your blessings with all those I was intended to. I hope I wasn't afraid to peek, because sometimes Your treasures are a little further along in the day, they are right around the corner!

Thank you, Lord for your love and care. I will remember to pray, because I know the power of prayer and faith as a mother grieves.