Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Because I Said So

Wouldn't it be great if life really worked that way? I mean if we said-why should your life clock be turned back  two years and two months and 13 days? And my answer was as simple as-because I said so.

Think of the power behind those words. We could do almost anything, right? I don't like what is happening in the world today, I think I will make the world a brighter place. Why? Because I said so.

On a lighter note-I don't feel like going to work today, Tuesday is now part of the weekend. How did that happen? Because I said so.

Just read an article recently that informed me talking to plants has no value as far as their growing potential. Here all along, I was convinced the plants in my living room were growing like crazy because of our weekly conversations. I'd ask them how their week was, they would say fair, I'd say please grow a little more this week, last week you didn't show any new growth, they'd shrug their leaves, I'd shake my finger, they'd turn towards the sunlight, I'd say, don't take that tone with me, they'd say why? I'd say-because I said so.

My kids are a great example of this adage. From little on, they would question and become defiant on issues I never understood. Why can't I get another piercing? Why would another tattoo look bad? Why do I have to be in bed by 9:00 on a school night? As they got older, the questions changed, but the answer stayed the same! Somehow, it didn't carry the same weight as it did when they were younger. They had figured out a way to get around the system.

Now, that they are adults, I hear them with my grand angels, and I just sit back and smile. It makes a lot more sense to them now than it did then. They actually believe it is the real answer to a lot of questions their own kids ask. Well, it is buying them a little time, before they have to come up with some real answers.

One thing is for sure, I am glad God doesn't answer my prayers or find humor in the turn of phrase the same way we do. Why, we would have no free will at all. Think for just a moment-what our lives might look like if God did choose this approach..

Voice from Heaven-Rose, I want you to forgive that neighbor who makes you crazy sometimes with their trashcans all over.
Me-I am working on it, Father.
Voice-Did I say work on it, Rose?
Me-Well, no but my point is, we all have cans and space and they blow all over and I'm trying..
Voice-Don't try harder-Forgive them!
Me Why should I?
Voice-Because I said so..

It could be as simple as that-because I said so. So, when I feel down or sad or even angry or frustrated, I will now have a new perspective on life and you should too!

Why? Because I said so! (just kidding...)

And remember to pray, because we all know the power of prayer and faith as a mother grieves.

P.S. This was really a look on the lighter side of things, but we are blessed to have our free will. We have the choice to make every day-so, do we choose to wallow on the dark side, always looking for the bad things in life and complaining? Do we take a step out in faith and make a difference? Even a smile can change some one's whole day! We have all felt pain and heartache-some more than others. Our hearts ache just the same. We can comfort one another and offer our words of hope or we can remain silent. Which will you choose today?

Blessings for a bright and beautiful day!