Friday, April 26, 2013

When One of Us Is Hurting

You can feel their pain-when they express their sorrow for the day.
It's true for us that share this sadness in our hearts. 
Whether it is their Angel Date, Birth Date, or a Special Memory Date-it sparks a memory and our hearts fill with a maternal thirst that cannot be quenched.
It isn't that we don't love our Blessings here with us. God knows I couldn't be getting through this life without my Kim and Tina, they breathe for me some days, and I for them on others. We are that close. And still there are days that only Shanny can fill, those days belong to her.
And so, when I read a post from a mom who is troubled or saddened by her loss, I feel her pain-as we all do, Angel Moms are like that. We support each other, we pray for each other, we can cry together, listen to one another, pour out our hearts, and hold on to one another- When One of Us Is Hurting..
Silently, throughout the day-I will pray for my moms. Mention their names in prayer. God hears their cries and He hears my silent prayers for their peace. He listens to our hearts, He reads our tears, He understands our weeping and He gives us great comfort if we open ourselves to Him. He enlists the Angels to help us in our time of need.
When one of us is hurting-we can count on the fact that other Angel Moms will understand our feelings. No matter what they are, one of us will have felt that same feeling at one time or another in our journey. Each of us is on a different walk, but the journey of loss is the same. 
When one of us is hurting, we can always reach out to one another, and know we will find a hand to hold and a heart to touch-in each other. Thank you, friends for that comfort.
When one of us is hurting, we are there to wipe each others tears and listen, because sometimes that is all we need, is someone to listen.
When one of is hurting, I can lean on my friends for support, because they understand this kind of pain when a mother grieves.
When one of us is hurting, a hug is never far away.
When one of us is hurting, we spread the word and start praying, sending positive thoughts to the person who needs them most.
When one of us is hurting, we step outside our own pain, and into someone else's to comfort them, because we care.
When one of us is hurting, we share our pain and then we share our joy, when we feel better. Because God gives us joy in the midst of our grief, and it matters most when we share it, no matter when it comes or what form it comes matters.
Prayer is always welcome, when one of us is hurting-because prayer is powerful and our faith takes us to a whole different place, as we struggle through our grief.
Together, there is never just one-when one of us us hurting, and that makes all the difference in the world.
And we always remember the darkness, even when we see the light, when one of us is hurting, because we have traveled that road. We often share our lantern, to light the way, when one of us is hurting.
There is power in our unity, even if the pain is what holds us near, when one of us is hurting.
I cannot share enough love with my Angel Moms-when one of us is hurting.
And I will always pray, because I know the power of prayer and faith as a mother grieves..
Blessings, Angels!