Friday, April 19, 2013

Pray for Peace

It is just that simple. My message, my plea-pray for peace.
Our world has been shaken to the core by craziness. People are killing innocent people, nation against nation, why?

We have become a godless world. We the grieving-hold on to precious memories, we hold on to the belief and promises of Heaven and life ever after. We know the touch of our Angels. We need to come together in prayer. It doesn't matter what religion we are-God hears all prayer.

When you turn on the television and the news screams of murder and bombings, school closings due to bomb threats, my heart pounds for our children and our grandchildren who must face this unholy mess. The only answer is to get on our knees and pray.

Now is the time, before one more person dies from hate or discrimination, before one more madman goes on a rampage, before one more child is sold into slavery-pray. If every one of us simply utters a simple prayer..just ask God for help, let your heart speak, if you cannot form the words, please.

Grief comes in so many ways. Many of us are grieving the loss of loved ones, and now we must grieve the loss of respect for fellow man, because it no longer seems to exist in our world. My heart is heavy, sadness is overwhelming, and now more people know grief and loss because our world refuses to work together, to come together-in peace.

Close your eyes and imagine a world filled with love. Imagine leaving that world to our children and our grandchildren. I am not talking about a perfect world, but a manageable one, a world where hope still exists. Where war and hate are not the answers. A world where people can be different and live peacefully with one another because different strokes enrich lives, they create choices-and that is a good thing. We need to  embrace our unique qualities and encourage our children to always be who God created them to be, not necessarily who we want them to be.

And how will this all be achieved? Through Prayer-simple. Too much Kum bay ya? Call me crazy, but I believe in this world. I believe that people are good. I believe that God wants us to get to Heaven and I believe in Angels. And, yes-I pray. A LOT! I believe in prayer and the power of prayer. So, I believe that if we all pray for peace, peace will come. Why not try?

Take a moment, one short moment, and ask God to help us find peace in this world. Help us help each other, make a better world for our children and our grandchildren. A world filled with love and not hate, peace and not war, Truth and not lies, hope and not defeat, and most of all-acceptance, of one another and our one true reason for being here, to love one another and to serve and honor Him, Our Heavenly Father. That would be my prayer for about you?
I'll continue to pray because I know the power of prayer and faith as a mother grieves..blessings!