Monday, May 20, 2013

How Great is God?

This is the day the Lord has made-and I shared it with church, family and friends! Nothing lifts a saddened heart quite like a picnic in the park with some of my Grand Angels! They have that effect on me, how Great is God?

He knows without question my needs, the desires of my heart and what is best for me right at the very moment when I question Him. But does He give up on me? No, He lifts me higher and touches my heart with gladness! How Great is God?

When the rain comes and waters the plants, and the sun shines and warms the earth, and when I see with my own eyes the miracles this world offers-I can only exclaim, How Great is God?

In my days of darkness, when grief outweighs my joy, and I am burdened with a broken heart, all I need remember is My Savior, my Friend is always there for me, I am not alone in my struggle-How Great is God?

Human to human we are all gifts from one Creator and I can embrace the differences, knowing we are all brothers and sisters in Christ-How Great is God?

Learning to love is our earthly challenge, and the reward is Heaven for all eternity where our loved ones reside and await our joining them-How Great is God?

This life does not prove to be easy, we face sorrow and loss to understand how fragile it is here, we must remember this is our temporary home and we are never given more than we can handle, He is ever near-How Great is God?

Soon after the rain, the sun will shine and we are gifted with the work of Our True Artist-a rainbow cannot exist without both the rain and the sunshine-How Great is God?

Though our lives may not ever cross paths, we still communicate in so many ways-social media, email, and the very best way-prayer. How Great is God?

We are blessed with family and given the gift of friends so that when we forget how to love, they are there to remind us. How Great is God?

Though many roads are traveled, we are all going to the same place, He just allows us to choose the path. How Great is God?

When cats fall, they can land on their feet, when we fall, we should land on our knees. How Great is God?

We can ask as many questions as we need to, knowing that we only need one answer. How Great is God?

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As always, I will continue to pray because I know the power of prayer and faith as a mother grieves! Blessings!